Cloud Services for SOLIDWORKS Explained

SOLIDWORKS was started with a dream of moving CAD away from ivory towers and putting the power to create on every engineer’s desktop. A few decades later, our goal remains the same: to further empower you with the freedom to design. This means removing friction from your design process by streamlining or completely eliminating mundane non-value-added tasks that consume a lot of your valuable design time.

Leveraging the Cloud

With cloud technology we are able to address everyday challenges that come with sharing and collaborating remotely, securely storing and accessing 3D models, and having complete visibility on projects. Our goal is to help you focus more on design and innovation and less on worrying about rework, lost files, and friction in your design processes.

What is Cloud Services?

Cloud Services connects SOLIDWORKS CAD data to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, providing new capabilities to share and mark up 3D designs with anyone, a place to securely store and access designs, and the ability to formally manage design changes. It’s now included with new SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD licenses as part of subscription and also available to existing SOLIDWORKS users for a nominal fee.

What’s in it for the SOLIDWORKS Users?

Cloud Services removes the friction associated with traditional design sharing and collaboration tools, streamlining everyday tasks to help you prioritize design. It does so by providing the following capabilities that users can adopt at their own pace depending on their team’s unique needs.

  • Share and Markup: Share your 3D designs with ANYONE – directly from SOLIDWORKS
  • Store and Revise: An online storage hub that’s purpose-built with CAD relationships and collaboration in mind
  • Manage and Control: Full access to a suite of tools to help manage data, work through formal change actions and approvals, and keep project tasks in check

Share and Markup

Share and Markup gives you the ability to invite ANYONE to view and mark up your 3D designs on the cloud directly from SOLIDWORKS. This is similar to eDrawings, but better as there is no installation necessary, no need to send a physical file, and it all works from any browser. With Share and Markup, you remove friction from the collaboration process by enabling others to view and comment on your 3D models, accelerating your designs with immediate feedback from the colleagues you trust.

Store and Revise

Cloud Services provides you with an online storage hub that’s purpose-built with CAD relationships and collaboration in mind. Your data is organized. References are managed. Custom properties are captured. You simply save your data to the cloud right from SOLIDWORKS. Do you work with other designers? No problem, simply check-out the design to ensure no one else overwrites your work. Tired of managing references with imaginative file names? Built-in revision management enables you to create new revisions right form SOLIDWORKS as you save the file. Once you’re done designing, you update its status to “Released” and avoid the troubles of moving files to a network folder.

Manage and Control

Should you have more complex management needs, Cloud Services has you covered. You now have full access to a suite of tools to help you manage data, work through formal change actions and approvals, and keep project tasks in check. With manage and control, you can capture required changes, get approvals, and control your entire workflow through formal change actions. When it comes time to release a design change, you have a whole history of approvals.

Visit this page to explore the design benefits included with Cloud Services and how users like you are already benefitting from connecting their SOLIDWORKS to the Cloud.

Ready to get started with Cloud Services. Check out our easy-to-follow tutorials and step-by-step guide on this page.


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