Developing Reliable, Effective, and Smart Medical Devices

The increasing incidence of chronic diseases demands novel therapeutic solutions be developed rapidly and within tight budgets, yet be safe and efficacious enough to withstand stringent regulatory scrutiny. Moreover, the expectation of measurable long-term improvement in patient outcomes is driving the need for greater personalization of therapies.

The second session of our live series of webinars, MODSIM with 3DEXPERIENCE Works, highlights the power of using a unified MODeling and SIMulation (MODSIM) approach offered by 3DEXPERIENCE® Works. We demonstrate how to dramatically optimize medical device performance, improve patient experiences, and speed development, while showcasing a smart wearable drug delivery device for cancer treatment.

Gain insights into how SOLIDWORKS®-embedded Multi-physics simulation solutions can rapidly evaluate device structural reliability, drug delivery flow efficiency, and device electromagnetic performance, all within a collaborative cloud environment.

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Multiple Medical Device Challenges

The medical industry is highly volatile and competitive and changes daily. Not only do medical device organizations have to address typical design challenges, such as time to market, innovation, cost reduction, and global competition, but they also have enormous responsibilities for patient safety and following strict regulatory guidelines.

What’s more, increasing regulatory scrutiny is putting medical device manufacturers under the gun on total quality and safety. With the number of FDA (Food & Drug Administration) warning letters issued on the rise, the time and budget medical device manufacturers spend on regulatory activities is climbing. In fact, one-third of medical device R&D job openings are in Quality and Regulatory, and one-quarter of the industry’s R&D spending goes to regulatory activities.

The Value of Digital Prototypes

These challenges make the ability to easily create digital prototypes at any point in the design process mission-critical for effectively facing medical device design challenges. That’s where the MODSIM approach can help you deliver efficacious products faster and more efficiently.

The MODSIM approach dovetails nicely with the trend of miniaturizing electronic devices. Packing more and more power into smaller spaces results in thermal management challenges. When power quickly peaks and falls, thermal behaviors change, and components and sub-components can be at risk of failure.

Electronics are not the only challenge when engineering accurate and reliable designs. Here are just a few benefits of using a MODSIM approach in your engineering department.

  •         Manufacturing – The ability to consider different materials and manufacturing processes during the design stage enables a more efficient process and better decision-making with fewer downstream issues.
  •         Predicting Problems – By simulating and analyzing designs in a controlled environment, engineers can identify potential risks and address them proactively, reducing the likelihood of failures and costly redesigns.
  •         Sustainability – By optimizing designs for energy efficiency, material usage, and manufacturing processes, engineers can minimize the environmental impact of their products.

Learn More from the Recorded Live Webinar

In Session 2 of the series, we highlight the core simulation capabilities, and their engineering and business value, leveraged with unified MODeling and SIMulation processes.

Simulation industry experts discuss how coupling the MODSIM approach with 3DEXPERIENCE Works enables SOLIDWORKS users to accelerate innovation, reduce the number of physical prototypes, and speed time to market. Learn about core capabilities, best practices, and target applications delivered by cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation, a multi-disciplinary portfolio integrated within SOLIDWORKS.

To watch the recording of this (or any past) session(s), Developing Reliable, Effective, and Smart Medical Devices, or to register for upcoming sessions for the live MODSIM series, you can do so by visiting the website here.

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