Unmasking the SOLIDWORKS Superheroes

When it comes to SOLIDWORKS, it’s all about community – one that has a shared passion, mutual interests and frequent interaction.  Those who were fortunate to attend this year’s recent 3DEXPERIENCE World event in Nashville have said over and over: the chance to get together and engage with each other, sharing and swapping SOLIDWORKS stories, tips, tricks, best practices, was an inspiring experience.

That community “esprit” doesn’t end with the close of a 3DEXPERIENCE World event or at a SOLIDWORKS Champions meeting but continues on and felt inside of our digital SOLIDWORKS communities:


Within the digital communities, there are so many long-time and very energetic SOLIDWORKS Users who seem to always “be there” in the community – ready and willing to help out other SOLIDWORKS Users to continue to grow and succeed. These are truly the “SOLIDWORKS Superheroes” – and to make sure they are recognized and receive some thankful and “love spotlight” we have started a series that features these tireless heroes.

Our first feature in this series is an interview with the man who seems to sleep fast so he can get back to work and help SOLIDWORKS Users around the world:  Eric Beatty. Listen in and learn what inspires Eric and why he loves to give back to the community in his interview here:

Our most recent interview was with long-time SOLIDWORKS John Matrishon.  John is another power user of SOLIDWORKS, someone who is energized when he uses the software, on a continuous learning path but still really enjoys taking the time to give back to the community when he can.

Read and listen to the interview of John at this post here in the SOLIDWORKS News & Information community:

We hope you enjoy these interviews and are inspired. Subscribe to the community as there will be more to come in this series as there are many incredible Superheroes that we will continue to unmask in time.

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