Simulation General Session at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023

Welcome to the Simulation-focused general session recap from 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023. Today’s domain specific sessions highlighted client success stories and showcased technologies solving today’s client challenges alongside the research and development investments in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio poised to drive client excellence in the future. You can watch the full simulation domain session at

The Simulation session kicked off with an introduction from Delphine Genouvrier of SIMULIA R&D and Stephen Endersby of SOLIDWORKS. The key takeaway: how simulation can accelerate your design process and foster product innovation.

As Stephen and Delphine explained, today’s product design process undergoing a rapid evolution. Designers no longer simply create mechanical parts and assemblies. They are integrating PCBs and electrical harnesses. Creating inspection reports or component costings. As well as producing high-quality renderings for sales and marketing teams. Along with running simulations to validate and optimize product performance and reliability, today’s SOLIDWORKS designers are going above and beyond traditional design work.

This design transformation is driven by both response to increased product demands, from market and customer requirements, taking into account multiple objectives, such as faster Go to Market, streamlined manufacturing process, more sustainable products. Every day, customers are looking to improve their skills with one objective in mind: design the best, innovative product experiences for your demanding markets and customers. Some of the most advanced customers are doing this with simulation.

A MODSIM approach, combining modeling and simulation, is key to this transformation. MODSIM includes five key values:

  • Digital continuity from requirements to delivery
  • Simulation-driven design exploration
  • Multiple physics in a single environment
  • High performance cloud computing
  • Seamless collaboration across the supply chain

Florian Jurecka, SIMULIA Vice President R&D, hosted a roundtable featuring 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation clients who have adopted a MODSIM approach: Resemin and PES. Resemin is the global leader for underground mining machinery known for narrow vein equipment. PES provides a wide range of engineering, design, drafting, and project management services with extensive expertise in the Energy, Marine, and Industrial sectors. Manuel Morales, Structural Analyst, and Fernando Lopez, Engineering Manager, joined from Resemin. Tyler Cook, Operations Manager, represented PES.

Both Resemin and PES are legacy SOLIDWORKS uses beginning with legacy CAD and simulation but the companies have expanded to use 3DEXPERIENCE Works and platform capabilities – especially around advanced simulation with 3DEXPERIENCE Works simulation and collaboration tools. The simulation applications  enable the companies to develop their projects faster with a MODSIM approach, featuring more powerful, accurate analyses critical for developing their large industrial machines. For PES this also meant expanding into new industries during the pandemic – opening new revenue streams while the oil and gas industry took a downturn in 2020.

How can you innovate faster? 3DEXPERIENCE Works simulation is offering a complete solution to virtually reveal the world we live in through market-leading realistic simulation technology from SIMULIA for Structures with Abaqus and FESafe technologies, Fluids, Electromagnetics with CST Studio Suite technologies, Multibody Motion Dynamics with Simpack technology, and Design Exploration, all in the same user environment, all with this tight integration with SOLIDWORKS.

The multi-physics solutions available in 3DEXPERIENCE Works simulation provides solvers for everything from structural and durability to electromagnetics and thermal. As products become more complex, having multi-physics capabilities is a must to bringing ideas to market on-time and on-budget.

As reported by Resemin and PES, now is the right time for you to transform your engineering process. Both Resemin and PES shared how they adopted 3DEXPERIENCE Works simulation easily and achieved better outcomes, faster time-to-market, and even expanded into new areas. Businesses of any size and across industries have adopted simulation and reaped the rewards of higher-quality designs. Now MODSIM is taking simulation to the next level by providing the guidance to make tough technical decisions enabling you to deliver the best possible product experiences.

If you missed any of today’s simulation, design or manufacturing sessions, watch our Daily Recap to get all the details of Day 2!

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