Inquiring Minds Want to Know…What Would it Mean if You had More Time for Design?

Inquiring minds want to know…what would it mean if you had more time for design?

Last fall we had a chance to engage with some of our SOLIDWORKS users to try to better understand the challenges many of you are experiencing during your workday – where you are getting bogged down by low-value tasks, and even more importantly, what it would mean if we could wave a magic wand, and lighten your load so you actually have more time for design work.

Some of the responses we received about what it would mean to have more time for design include:

  •        More quality, more details
  •        More money, more learning
  •        Produce more content
  •        Do more cool stuff
  •        Get more work done
  •        More time to be creative
  •        Better design
  •        Have more fun

We partnered with Pretty Done, a Las Vegas-based freestyle pop artist to create a 10-foot banner that we are bringing to 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023 in Nashville that visually represents your feedback about what it would mean to have more time for design. Hint – the #MoreTimeforDesign banner, which will be in the “Old Hive” space, is very Instagramable!

Many of the SOLIDWORKS users we spoke with mentioned spending more time than you would like on emails, meetings, administrative tasks, and all those little things that take time away from your design work. According to a Tech-Clarity study on, many design and engineering teams report that a third of their time is spent on non-value-added work, and less than half of their time is spent on design work. For many of you, that means that administrative tasks overtake the hours spent designing.

So how can you add a few more bells and whistles to SOLIDWORKS to make your life even easier?

Adding Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS to your SOLIDWORKS desktop license gives you the best of both worlds, as you’ll gain access to 3DEXPERIENCE platform capabilities and tools while still being able to run SOLIDWORKS independently off the cloud.

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS makes it easier to collaborate and share design data, directly from your SOLIDWORKS environment. Imagine no longer switching applications – you can directly share your designs in the 3DSwym Communities while working in SOLIDWORKS.

Cloud data management capabilities keep your design data secure, so everyone is working on the latest version, avoiding rework and delays. That means no more swapping files, documents, or emails as everything is accessible on the platform without any hand-offs. You can even share your designs with non-CAD users, which makes it easy to collaborate and innovate together. And that means you’ll be able to focus on what you do best – designing better products.

We’re Looking for More Feedback in Nashville!

Are you attending 3DEXPERIENCE World in Nashville next week? Take your turn in the spotlight! We’re setting up a film crew in the “Old Hive” space to capture some more feedback from our SOLIDWORKS community. Let’s hear from you – what would it mean if you had more time for design?

We also have some fun swag to hand out. Come by to share your feedback and get a limited edition #MoreTimeforDesign t-shirt or die-cut sticker.

Where to Find Us:

The alcove outside of Hall D on Level 3. Booth hours will be Monday 9 am -7 pm and Tuesday 10AM – 5PM CT.



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