EOS Energy Slashes Development Cycle Times with SOLIDWORKS Solutions

Eos Energy Enterprises, Inc. develops solutions that transform how the world stores power. The company’s breakthrough Znyth™ aqueous zinc battery was designed to overcome the limitations of conventional lithium-ion technology. Manufactured in the U.S., the Zynth battery is the core of innovative Eos systems that provide customers with a reliable energy storage alternative. The Eos system leverages proven chemistry with accessible non-precious raw materials in a durable design tested in real-world deployments, delivering results under even the most extreme temperatures and conditions.

Accelerate Development

The company completed R&D and launched its first product in 2016 using SOLIDWORKS® CAD design software. Multi-year product development cycles ruled the day until the recent acquisition and merger with B. Riley Principal Merger Corp. “We were challenged to move the product forward and speed up development, which required straightening out all our drawings and files and re-designing the container that holds the 144 batteries that store power,” says Senior Mechanical Engineer David Dubois.

Eos added SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium for nonlinear static, nonlinear dynamic, and linear dynamic analysis and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to augment product development. The company is also currently implementing SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

Optimize Efficiencies

Since adding SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions and beginning SOLIDWORKS PDM implementation, Eos has shortened its development cycle from multiple years to months and realized 60 percent higher output through the improved design and performance of its Gen 2.3 battery. Plus, the company has advanced the development of its Gen 3 battery, which increases container storage capacity from 500 kWh to 750 kWh.

Eos leveraged SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation to optimize the container and the racks that hold the batteries inside the redesigned container, as well as to improve the efficiency of the storage system’s cooling system that cools the 144 batteries (weighing 6,000 pounds) inside the storage container.

“The cooling system pushes a column of air from the bottom row to the top row and turns the air over several times each minute,” Dubois explains. “Running a flow simulation revealed that the airflow was bypassing some of the batteries, so we made design changes to optimize airflow and were able to improve our thermal gradient by two-thirds, which was a substantial improvement in performance.”

Prepare for Growth

Dubois concludes, “We’ve improved the product, improved our processes, and improved our documentation using SOLIDWORKS solutions. If this market turns out to be as big as we think it will be, our business is primed for explosive growth.”

You can read the Eos case study here. If you have further questions about what SOLIDWORKS can do for your organization, please contact your local reseller.


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