How Can SOLIDWORKS Online Communities Help You – Q&A Sessions

Over the last couple of years, do you ever feel like you have been put on, or stuck on mute? Do you feel that your questions, your concerns, are not being heard?

With the SOLIDWORKS User Forum community on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you have the ability to “come off mute” and ask your questions about the 3DSwym community experience to the SOLDIWORKS community manager, Matthew Hall.

Back in February we here on the SOLIDWORKS User Advocacy team were feeling a bit of that and wondered if our passionate users were feeling the same.  Especially given that in 2021, we migrated the legacy SOLIDWORKS User forum to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which introduced a good many to a new way to engage with fellow worldwide users within a 3DSwym community.

At  3DEXPERIENCE World 2022, there was a 45-minute Hive Hangout session during which we opened the floor to a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session and allowed anyone who joined to come off mute and ask questions about how best to use and leverage 3DSwym to maximize their community experience.

Overall, the AMA hangout was a great success with more than registered showing up and a good many and important questions were asked.  The post-event survey had a 80% 5? positivity review (thank you very much!) with over 90% of respondents stating that they received answers to the questions they asked.

Given the enthusiasm and interest shown by users, we decided to keep this good effort and quasi-informal support going and offer similar – and just-as-open – one-hour sessions each month. Once again, users have the opportunity to “come off mute” and ask your questions about the 3DSwym community experience.

These sessions are truly open to you and to come off mute and ask, well: anything about 3DSwym!
To quote the famed American astronomer, planetary scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, and science communicator, Carl Sagan:

“There are naïve questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question.”

The 4-1-1 for the meetings:
Join us every 2nd Friday of each month at 10:00am ET for an open hour of “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) questions. Some questions that have been asked in the past AMA sessions we have run have covered topics like:

⦁ How do I ask or answer a question to other worldwide SOLIDWORKS users?
⦁ How do I manage notifications to keep on top of what’s happening in the community?
⦁ How do I find my contributions or follow and learn from other experts?

The AMA sessions are run via ZOOM.  Be sure to sign up here to reserve your spot and we can’t wait to have you join the next session!

If you are already in the 3DSwym SOLIDWORKS User Forum community, check out this dedicated community post that was made back in March, teeing up the AMA sessions.  You can also get the registration link there or download the details from a zipped file embedded in that post.

Don’t be shy, register and join one or all the sessions, come off mute and even fire up your webcam and connect with everyone else who joins.  We are really looking forward to hearing from you, your questions and most importantly, to give you the answers on how to best leverage the many features and functions within 3DSwym that you want and need answered!

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