Day Three Recap: 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022

There’s no question that the best thing about SOLIDWORKS is its large passionate group of users, which is one of the many reasons we were disappointed to not be meeting in person this year. Nowhere is this passion more evident than during our annual World events, and especially on the last day when the spotlight is on all the amazing things being done with SOLIDWORKS and the equally amazing people behind those creations.

Today’s general session “From Connections to Relationships / Community” focused on just that: our talented community of users. Suchit Jain, vice president of Strategy and Business Development at DS SOLIDWORKS, spoke of the rapidly growing SOLIDWORKS user ecosystem, 6 million+ designers, engineers, students, entrepreneurs, makers—all designing and making many of the things we see around us. SOLIDWORKS truly is everywhere.

Next up we saw several examples of amazing futuristic technologies being developed by SOLIDWORKS users across the globe. Mars Auto is building autonomous trucks to fully automate long-haul trucking; Dexai is empowering the kitchen of the future, in which robots will be as common as microwaves and dishwashers; Kolibri working to make gene therapy manufacturing more efficient and cost-effective; and Gravity Industries enabling anyone to experience the thrill of human flight with its line of jet packs.

Suchit reminded the audience that we are all on a journey together to empower and provide all the tools necessary for the SOLIDWORKS community of users to this “Future of Everything.” Nothing illustrates that point better than the Maker program.

With the flexibility to develop products using either desktop, cloud-connected or cloud-native apps, the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers program offers best-in-class tools for makers, hobbyists, and professional engineers working on personal projects. Over 10,000 Maker offers have been purchased since its introduction and we can’t wait to see the cool new products being designed all over the world.

Certainly the Fab Foundation is an amazing example of the power of human innovation and the community. Suchit welcomed Sherry Lassiter, president and CEO of this amazing organization. Sherry provided us with an update on the seven-year partnership between the Fab Foundation and DS SOLIDWORKS. She discussed the importance of these fab labs to be able to “self-replicate” to expand their reach to new areas.

Next up, Suchit announced the newest FabLab will be in Haiti. We are currently working closely with the former Ambassador of Haiti to the United States, Paul Altidor, who joined us live from New York to talk about the future impact of the FabLab in Haiti. It’s very exciting news that we will be following closely so look for future blogs on the good work being done with the Fab Foundation in Haiti and in all places around the globe.

For the past few years, we also have been working with Michael Mendonca and LN4 Foundation in order to help them provide free mechanical prosthetic hands for all who need them, anywhere in the world. Last year the team  designed the next-generation prosthetic hand for them and this year, we are announcing a new contest, the ARM4ALL design contest, in which students can make a difference and help design an elbow device to complement LN4’s low-cost and durable prosthetic hard. Learn more about this contest and how you can win prizes at

Part of our mission at Dassault Systemes is to inspire more women to become the next generation of engineers and innovators so it was great to hear an update on the “Women in Engineering” initiative. We also got a peak at a painting done by Mark Algar, a SOLIDWORKS user, of six powerful, amazing women doing their part to push STEM and encourage women to consider careers in engineering and manufacturing. These women include: Kate Reed, Betty Baker, Jade Compton, Meaghan Zimba, Melissa Ahmed, and Danielle Boyer.

We also heard about another initiative that uses technology for good, called the 3DEXPERIENCE for Good program that aims to solve some of the world’s biggest problems and focuses on helping to create a Sustainable Future. We saw several examples of some of the cool innovations coming from Make-a-thon competition, which was open to both professional and students.

The winners included incredibly innovative new products, such as a water-cleaning robot from Team Momentum (Egypt); a sustainable farm from Team Growl (Mexico); 3D-printed molds for the molded fiber industry from Team Biomold (USA); and an early breast cancer detection machine that uses AI from Team Thermy (Mexico).  Congratulations to all of the winners, and we encourage you all to keep innovating!

Certification is always an important topics at our World events, as many attendees take advantage of getting certified over this week. We now have over 600,000 certified users across the world, with just over 95,000 of those earned in 2021. We also got an update on the SWUGN program from Dan Wagner, who shared that there are now 235 SOLIDWORKS user groups with more than 20,000 members worldwide—just more proof that SOLIDWORKS really is everywhere!

Shout out to two outstanding member of our community who were recognized today during general session: Eric Beatty, winner of the Michelle Pillers Community Award for 2021 and Theodore Chortatsos, winner of the Wayne Tiffany User Group Leader of the Year Award. Congratulations to both winners and thank you for being an invaluable member of our SOLIDWORKS community.

Simulating for Good

GE Healthcare has been responsible for incredible work over the last years and continues to innovate under immense stakes. Dr. Joseph Lacey and Dhanachezhian Duraikannu (known as DD) of GE Healthcare joined Dassault Systemes simulation expert Delphine Genouvrier to share GE Healthcare’s simulation-driven design approach.

GE Healthcare leverages 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation solutions to understand loading, structural, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, electromagnetics, and design optimization. DD shared three examples where simulation helped created machines that save lives in moments that matter including flex seal design, O-ring compression, and sensor technology. Dr. Lacey noted that 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation was the only analysis tool to solve the flex seal design problem.

For the team at GE Healthcare, simulation is used from beginning to drive product design – not to analyze after the fact. The integration between SOLIDWORKS CAD and 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation enables the team to make smart design and manufacturing decisions based on proven solvers. Learn more about how GE Healthcare uses simulation here.

Workforce of the Future

The next topic, the Workforce of the Future, was debated by a panel led by Michael Buchli, 3DEXPERIENCE World Sales Partner Manager, led a panel of experts that discussed the pressing issues around the growing skills gap in manufacturing today. This was a fascinating conversation and one worth watching, if you missed it. All the experts agreed that the nation-wide skills gap will only be solved by manufacturing companies partnering with their local schools to create the outreach programs that encourage more kids to consider STEM careers.  Advancements in robotics and automation technologies can also help.

If you missed today’s general session, please be sure to watch the video below for a recap.


We thank you all for joining us virtually for 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022 and are happy to announce that we will be back in person next year in Nashville for 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023!






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