Cloud-Enabled Simulation Tools Designed for SOLIDWORKS Users

Surprises are critical to entertaining feature films, but surprises in product development are often overwhelming. Issues with quality, blown budgets, and unhappy customers are not the kind of drama you want.

SOLIDWORKS® Simulation capabilities help you to digitally predict the behavior of your parts and assemblies when exposed to real-world physical loads. Quickly obtain insights into product performance, reliability, durability, and safety at all stages of the development process and drastically reduce the probability of tragic and expensive product failures.

Simulation will help you answer critical questions about your product, including:

  •         Will my product work? Is it strong enough? Will it last?
  •         Is it overbuilt? Am I wasting materials? Can I make it lighter?
  •         Will it overheat? Is the radio frequency signal propagation optimal?
  •         Can it be manufactured?

Even More Simulation Power for SOLIDWORKS Users

Starting from SOLIDWORKS, you can connect to the 3DEXPERIENCE® Works Simulation portfolio, and perform advanced realistic simulations using the industry-leading SIMULIA technology with an integrated and associative workflow. Save, manage, and share your design and simulation data in a secure cloud-based environment. Easily review and compare simulation results from a simple web browser. Take advantage of advanced structural from the proven Abaqus technology, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), electromagnetic, and plastics simulation.

Plus, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables you to work concurrently and collaborate with colleagues from any location. Whether you are a small company in a single location or a multisite international firm, the entire product development team—including managers and executives—has a simple way to stay on the same page with shareable dashboards and communities.

Simulation capabilities in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio include, but are not limited to:

  •         Advanced linear and non-linear structural static, quasi-static, and dynamic analysis (Abaqus technology) involving sliding contacts, large deformation, and hyper-elastic materials
  •         Advanced meshing tools with a wide range of element formulations and types, including tetrahedrons, bricks, shells, and beam elements
  •         Fatigue simulations (fe-safe technology), including uniaxial and multiaxial loading, stress and strain life formulations, and a wide material durability library (more than 350 materials)
  •         High-performance computing (HPC) to expand computing capability and accelerate computation time on powerful computers on premises or in the cloud

Covering All the Simulation Bases

3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation offers a unified cloud-based product development environment, enabling design and simulation teams to work from home, office, or on the road. Since your design and simulation data is securely saved to the cloud, it is available 24/7/365 to your entire team. Designers and engineers save time with cloud computing, not only to solve large simulations faster, but freeing up their local computing resources while the simulation runs remotely on the cloud.

Data management on the platform comes with a host of apps that help you methodically and efficiently manage product life cycles. With all the data in one place, everyone is in sync with access to a single source of truth. The risk of errors drastically decreases; users can easily find design and simulation data that linked to each other.

Simulation gives engineers the ability to conduct unlimited tests in a digital environment without wasting time and materials. It provides an environment conducive to simultaneously preventing problems, improving the design, and trying out new ideas, allowing engineers to experiment with various scenarios without creating a physical prototype.

With structural, fluid flow, plastic injection, fatigue, and electromagnetic simulation all in one place, you are empowered in discovering the most realistic technical insights for the highest quality new product development process backed by industry-leading technology from SIMULIA: Abaqus, fe-safe, and CST.

Contact your local reseller to learn more about how you can increase design confidence, reduce design iterations, and minimize physical prototypes.

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