Improve Productivity by Reusing Parts

How do you find existing standard components for use in your assembly? Do you search your own databases? Online suppliers? What about keyword searches of your in-house PDM vault? Industrial suppliers often put their components online, and fortunately, because SOLIDWORKS® is so popular, most models are available in a SOLIDWORKS file format.

Still, it seems that every supplier has a different web store, which means you are searching across multiple databases. Finding the right part is frequently cumbersome and can be extremely time-consuming. Besides that, many suppliers use unique naming conventions, so finding the right part is hindered by dissimilar terminology.

To create a more efficient workflow—one that saves time and money—you need a single source for what you need, whether for immediately downloadable parts or parts from suppliers that make components for you.

A More Efficient Workflow for Procuring Parts

PartSupply on the 3DEXPERIENCE® Marketplace provides a comprehensive and intelligent catalog of 3D components. Within a single environment, you can choose the most suitable parts for your projects from millions of qualified component configurations available from over 1,000 service providers.

Using PartSupply saves design and engineering hours. Now you can access a worldwide ecosystem of providers so you can compare, evaluate, and determine the best parts for your project. Plus, you can build an ecosystem of supplier catalogs combined with in-house standard parts. The solution significantly reduces the upstream and downstream costs associated with the unnecessary creation of new parts.

Having one place to find all the parts you need can create a more efficient workflow that saves you time and your company money. Plus, if you know your supplier is already using SOLIDWORKS to create the components, you can have greater confidence in using those parts.

Sourcing and Standardization

In the race to launch high-quality products, one wrong or unavailable part can lead to costly delays. Manufacturers must respond quickly to either identify alternate suppliers or retool their factories when parts supply disruptions.

Efficient parts sourcing and standardization are critical for manufacturers that want to improve product design efficiency, quality, and profitability. Optimized parts sourcing and standardization also increases supply chain resilience, helping manufacturers thrive amid global disruptions such as political upheavals, pandemics, and volatile market demand.

Smarter Parts

The right parts sourcing and standardization solutions provide manufacturers with a comprehensive view of options, helping them determine whether to reuse, buy, or create parts. Manufacturers can also swiftly identify existing parts and remove duplicates for accelerated product design.

To further increase competitive advantages, solutions should incorporate artificial intelligence for advanced data analytics that improves parts sourcing and lower manufacturing costs in three ways:

  • Streamline part catalogs and reduce duplicates – automatically remove duplicate parts by paring down catalogs to enable fast and precise search results
  • Deploy company-wide standards – ensure designers make the right decisions and know when to use standard parts or create new ones in product assembly
  • Decrease costs and time to market – perform “should cost” analyses and achieve cost balancing through parts optimization to accelerate new product introduction


One Place, One Interface

With all parts and suppliers in one place, you empower your designers and engineers to quickly find standard parts with ease. A simple drag and drop is all it takes from a Marketplace PartSupply supplier and voilà! You have the part you need included in your assembly. With this streamlined workflow, you can complete projects sooner with a single source of standard parts accessible from your SOLIDWORKS environment.

PartSupply is a comprehensive, artificial intelligence-driven catalog of sourceable 3D components. It is a free, one-stop shop for all your part management needs. PartSupply makes it easy for you to:

1) Access catalogs of qualified supplier components 24-7-365;
2) Quickly search for the parts you need by filtering, keywords, and/or search by 3D shape;
3) Easily compare configurations side by side and analyze their detailed technical characteristics; and
4) Securely download a 3D model for fast validation of its configuration for your needs.

If you have additional questions or would like to know how 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace PartSupply can help you get projects completed faster and more efficiently, please contact your local reseller.


Vivek is a Computer Science graduate of Arizona state University. He works as the Product Manager for PartSupply and Sourcing and Standardization Sub-domain Roles in the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Portfolio with a focus to drive growth and manage retention for 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Community worldwide.