Learn How 2D DraftSight Complements 3D Design Tools

Young Industries, Inc., has manufactured conveying systems and related components since 1947 and holds many patents for problem-solving equipment. The engineering staff regularly evaluates better methods to develop, design, and manufacture custom-designed equipment for handling dry bulk materials in the chemical, petrochemical, ceramics, and coatings industries.

The majority of Young Industries’ design and engineering work, including all new designs, is done in 3D using SOLIDWORKS® software. However, specific tasks, such as modifying legacy drawings, creating simple layouts, and developing P&IDs (piping and instrumentation diagrams), are better addressed with 2D design tools.

The Right Tool for the Task

The company used MountainTop® 2D design software until it experienced both hardware and software failure. When Young Industries decided to look for an alternative 2D design solution, they evaluated the available 2D design packages. DraftSight®Enterprise from Dassault Systèmes was chosen because the software is easy to maintain and support, and it included the needed features at a better price. Plus, DraftSight directly integrates with SOLIDWORKS PDM, which the company also deploys.

Eliminating the translation from 2D to 3D saves engineers time and effort. For example, a customer’s DWG/DXF file is much easier to manipulate in DraftSight Enterprise.  Minor modifications can take about 15 minutes in DraftSight versus days of work remodeling an old 2D drawing in SOLIDWORKS.

Managing Legacy Data

DraftSight also enables Young Industries to manage its collection of 2D legacy data and library of 2D drawings more effectively. This accessibility helps accelerate proposal development, which saves both time and money.

The move to DraftSight Enterprise has also improved the company’s drawing management function because DraftSight is fully compatible with SOLIDWORKS PDM. And, because DraftSight is so intuitive and similar to AutoCAD, engineers can learn it in a day or two.

“DraftSight is an indispensable tool in our tool belt, says J. Tyler Thompson, VP of Operations for Young Industries. “There are times you need a hammer and times you need a screwdriver. We can very quickly and easily translate what is possible between those two applications if we need to jump from one to another.”

Young Industries maximizes design productivity by using DraftSight Enterprise software for 2D tasks, such as creating P&ID diagrams, and SOLIDWORKS for 3D design needs, such as large assemblies. To read the full story, click here.  To learn more and request a quote for DraftSight Enterprise, click here.

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