Webinar Alert: Learn More About Cloud-Based Design Tools

Now more than ever, people are seeing first-hand the benefits of cloud-based design. With amazing benefits like being able to work from anywhere with an internet connection or actually getting to choose what kind of device you work with, it’s no wonder cloud-based design is turning more heads than ever. But, even with those amazing benefits and many more, some are less willing to make a change. After all, sticking with what is familiar may seem link the safest move.

If 2020 has taught us anything, however, it is that today’s landscape in business is in a constant state of flux. The businesses that were quick to adopt new technology and transform the way they did business were handsomely rewarded. Those that “played it safe” holding on to antiquated processes, were in many cases, left behind.

What is different about cloud-based design?

The simple answer is nothing. That’s right, if you already know how to use SOLIDWORKS, then you know how to use 3D Creator. As part of the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio of these cloud-based design tools were designed to parallel the existing tools that have been designers’ favorites for nearly two decades. Not only does this allow for easy adoption, it extends the amazing built-in data management and collaboration capabilities to any user.

Want to explore the latest cloud-based design tools have to offer and boost your team’s productivity? Register for the Cloud-Based Design webinar on Tuesday December, 1st at 11 AM EST. In this webinar, you will be joined by two technical experts who will take you along a design journey using many of the entirely cloud-based roles and apps to create a circular saw.

Starting with 3DSculptor, we will dive into our latest sub-D tool and use it to craft an ergonomic and organic-shaped handle for the circular saw. Connecting the handle to the body of the main assembly will be accomplished with the help of 3D Creator. You will feel right at home as many of the features mirror the SOLIDWORKS that you know and love. With 3D Sheetmetal Creator, look on as the base plate of the circular saw is crafted with manufacturing in mind. Nothing wraps up a story with a shiny ribbon quite like 3D Render Professional. This is where the magic of cloud-based computing really shines. No pun intended. Explore how creating stunning product renders and marketing images takes the burden off of your computer, slicing hours off render times.

3D Sheetmetal Creator is part of the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio.


There is a new and exciting design frontier, offering more freedom to designers than ever imaginable. With the amazing benefits offered with cloud-based design, it is clear now more than ever that this isn’t just a fad. Leveraging cloud computing allows you to take on design challenges from any device and from anywhere with an internet connection. Data management and collaboration are woven into the design tools so engineers can spend more time on what they love: Designing. See for yourself and register for webinar on Cloud-Based Design.

3D Render Professional


Click here to register for this webinar and learn how you can start using cloud-based design tools today. Try these new 3DEXPERIENCE Works cloud-based solutions out for yourself with our seven-day trial.

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