The Latest Updates to 3D Creator

3D Creator offers 3D parametric modeling on the cloud that complements SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD with flexible design workflows and a seamless interchange of design data. With its single modeling environment for parts and assemblies, 3D Creator lets you focus on design and not on how you organize your files.

We recently added updates to 3D Creator, but you don’t need to download or update the product manually. All updates to our cloud-based portfolio of products happen automatically.

We’ll highlight a few of the top capabilities here.

Sketch Constraint Diagnostics

It is easy to mistakenly add one too many dimensions or sketch relations. And it isn’t always easy to figure out what went wrong.

The new Sketch Constraint Diagnostics update provides step-by-step assistance via a “wizard” that helps resolve over-defined sketch relations, letting you deactivate relations or dimensions that cause issues such as too many controlling parameters.

Shaded Previews

Previews used to be rendered as wireframe and could be challenging to interpret, especially when lines intersected behind each other.

Shaded previews are much easier to see. Now you get a more precise visual representation of what each feature will produce based on input parameters—before you hit the OK button—which enables you to get a feature right the first time with fast, clear feedback.

Yellow graphics indicate the shaded preview; grey indicates the final committed feature.

Streamline Assembly Creation

You can now search for and select multiple parts/assemblies to insert into your design and drag and drop multiple items and multiple instances of each item into the design, all in one operation. It’s like emptying a box of Lego® pieces on the floor: You start assembling by attaching each piece one at a time before looking for the next one (instead of searching for a specific part).

Move Components with the Robot

Now it’s faster to precisely move components in 3D by limiting the degrees of freedom when dragging —you no longer need to work through the design manager to get precise manipulation parameters.

Previously you had to click a part in the design manager to move components. Now you click the component and choose “move with the robot” from the pop-up menu, which allows precise movement in one direction. You can easily move components in any direction with the robot.

Design Freedom

3D Creator gives you the flexibility to work from any location with an internet connection and a browser. With 3D Creator, you no longer need to lug around your CAD workstation or even a laptop since your computing horsepower comes from the cloud on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. You can design from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Click here to learn more about 3D Creator and how it seamlessly integrates with SOLIDWORKS. Contact your local reseller for more information or for answers to your questions.


Mark Rushton

Mark Rushton is a Product Portfolio Manager for SOLIDWORKS and has been involved with 3D CAD and 3D Printing for over 15 years in several capacities from research to consulting for the likes of Rolls Royce, GE, JCB and Dyson. When not playing with 3D printers or other tech, he is most likely out snowboarding, wake boarding or mountain biking.