Young Entrepreneurs Making a Difference [Podcast]

“For me it was never about money, but solving problems for the future of humanity.”

– Elon Musk

What does it take to make a good entrepreneur? I think that is a longer discussion, but one thing is for sure, it takes passion. In my previous discussions with young mentors and entrepreneurs (such as Danielle Boyer & Aidan Aird), they all mention their PASSION. It is a passion to help others learn about technology and make the world a better place, in general. The same was true here in my interview with Lucas Crupi, who had a passion to be the youngest certified SOLIDWORKS Expert, which he achieved at 15 years old.  For those interested in STEM, and who isn’t, Lucas has a lot of wisdom and great advice to share.

Listen to my full interview with Lucas in the latest Born to Design Podcast:

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If there are any students who want to learn, or are currently learning SOLIDWORKS, but lack the resources in their community or school, please reach out to Lucas.  He is a true mentor and willing to help anyone get started.  You can connect with Lucas here:

Cliff Medling

Cliff Medling is a Senior Marketing Manager at SolidWorks and the host for the Born to Design Podcast.