Master and Expand Your SOLIDWORKS Skills with LIVE Design series

During these unprecedented and challenging times, many of us are facing a new reality – the one of confinement to one’s home office. Whereas working from home may pose many challenges, there are also numerous opportunities for staying connected and engaged from the comfort of your own home.

It is with that purpose in mind that our SOLIDWORKS team has launched a new initiative named LIVE Design – you may have read this introductory blog about it.

Our internal SOLIDWORKS experts, being well-versed in SOLIDWORKS Desktop themselves, decided to take the time to share their knowledge with you via live-streamed videos on our YouTube channel.

The very first episode  aired on Friday, March 30. In it Toby Schnaars showed the audience how to design a coffee mug while giving away a myriad of helpful tips and tricks.

In the second episode, Brian Zias showed how to create a monitor arm wall mount.


On Monday, Andrew Barnes came back from snowboarding just in time to show how to design a snowboard wax iron.

If you want to master and expand your SOLIDWORKS skills, join us for the upcoming April streams – every Monday and Friday at 1PM EST:

April 10 – “Steering Pinion Shaft Support for my Hot Rod” with Mike Sabocheck. Mike needed the rack and pinion steering in his hot rod to have the pinion shaft supported better. Watch him design a support for the pinion shaft that bolts right on without any modifications to the housing.

April 13 – “Designing a Desk with Weldments with Mike Sande.” Mike recently rebuilt his home office that started with a built-in desk. See how the process came to life with the use of SOLIDWORKS Weldments.

April 17 – “Model Mania 2019 Part Modeling” with Mark Schneider. Mark will show how a simple part can be modeled several ways and the benefits and pitfalls of each technique.

April 20 – “Designing and Making a Growth Chart” with Michael Steeves. As a father of three kids, Michael will show how you can design and make your own six-foot growth chart using SOLIDWORKS, a home office printer (that’s right, paper) and some basic building supplies.

April 24 – “Garage Time with Jordan Tadic.”  Jordan will examine a workflow for building a cabinet, along with other stuff around his garage.

April 27 – “Design Spur and Helical Gears with SOLIDWORKS” with Jeremy Regnerus. Jeremy will do a revamp of one of the most viewed videos on our channel he did years ago, walking through the value of the equations used.

All of these tutorials will be available on the SOLIDWORKS YouTube channel after each are streamed live, in the LIVE Design playlist  

You can also follow this SOLIDWORKS Forum thread  to participate in the discussion.

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