Keep Your Brain Busy: Join Us for LIVE Design on Monday on YouTube

One of the more interesting aspects of this Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting quarantine is that it is affecting nearly everyone around the world. Many of you are now working from home, which brings with it unique challenges as I am sure many of you are currently experiencing. Here at SOLIDWORKS we have asked ourselves what we could do to help all of you struggling with this upheaval. Last week, we showed you how to use SOLIDWORKS at home in this blog so be sure and read that.

I am sure you have seen on social media that many are embarking on fitness challenges to stay healthy and busy. But what about exercising your brain? Anyone interested in trying out some good design-related mental calisthenics? We thought providing a place where you can brush up on your SOLIDWORKS design skills and possibly learn some new tips and tricks might be fun.

So, we are excited to announce something new that you will hopefully find both entertaining and useful:  SOLIDWORKS LIVE Design. Join us weekly LIVE as we provide design Tips, training, and more ways to increase your design knowledge.  Sometimes we need to take a step back and re-evaluate our projects, and take a new direction as well.

We are bringing together some of our best designers to walk through the creation of common products from scratch, and highlight some key take-away tips for SOLIDWORKS users at any level.  You can design along with us, or just watch.  We’ll open it up to a LIVE chat and answer any questions you might have.  We’re also playing this by ear.  We’ll change the format based upon your feedback.  It should be fun.

We’ll kick things off on Monday, March 30th starting at 1pm EST with “Coffee Mug Design While Drinking Coffee” with Toby Schnnaars. During the one-hour LIVE session, Toby will be modeling a coffee cup and highlighting the importance of Double Dimensions, Full-Round Fillets, and the secrets to perfect Lofts. After this break, everyone will be well caffeinated and ready to model!  You won’t want to miss it!

Join us LIVE and be a part of the discussion:

Where: SOLIDWORKS YouTube channel


  • First session: “Coffee Mug Design While Drinking Coffee,” Monday, March 30th  at 1pm EST
  • Second Session: “Monitor Arm Wall Mount Design,” Friday, April 3rd at 1pm EST

We’ll see you Monday.

Note: If you are interested in expanding your skill set or just sharpening your design skills, be sure to check out our vast library of learning paths, eCourses, and lessons available 24/7 on MySolidWorks.


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