Faster Product Development Cycle Times with SOLIDWORKS Solutions

Since 1977 CP Manufacturing has established itself as the world leader in manufacturing advanced systems and equipment for the recycling and waste industries, including the design, building, and installation of hundreds of waste recycling facilities and related material separation machinery and equipment worldwide, including the design of the first aluminum-can flatteners and densifiers.

As a leading innovator, CP Manufacturing is known for its superior engineering and technology. As demand for CP’s custom-engineered plants and equipment continues to grow, the need to streamline processes, increase throughput, and expand product development has become critically important for supporting rapid, ongoing growth.

Supporting Rapid Growth

CP Manufacturing’s initial migration from 2D to SOLIDWORKS 3D design resulted in 200 percent faster development cycles. CP’s implementation of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and automation achieved via SOLIDWORKS’ Application Programming Interface (API) produced 400 percent faster development cycles, helping support and sustain dramatic growth by the recycling systems manufacturer.

According to Engineering Manager Jason Kerns, “We’ve had to move into a new facility that’s three times as large, we doubled the size of our engineering department, and we dramatically increased product development throughput. With SOLIDWORKS integrated solutions, we’ve been able to support rapid, sustainable growth without missing a beat, primarily because of our ability to automate sales, marketing, design, and production.”

Automating Processes

SOLIDWORKS PDM API has enabled CP Manufacturing to automate many of its product development and manufacturing workflows and tasks. CP has also integrated SOLIDWORKS PDM with its Epicor® enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, for example, to automatically:

  •         Create SOLIDWORKS models, associated visuals, and equipment lists from data in a sales layout
  •         Generate DXF® files to drive CP’s laser cutters, press brakes, and water-jet cutters
  •         Notify electrical engineering whenever BOM changes require motor horsepower modifications
  •         Upload BOM information directly into CP’s ERP system to drive preproduction planning without manual intervention

Kerns notes, “The flexibility that we enjoy automating processes with the SOLIDWORKS API saves us a ton of time and money.”

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Using both SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional and SOLIDWORKS Composer™ with the Demo3DVR virtual reality (VR) plug-in for SOLIDWORKS enables CP to create compelling photo-realistic visuals and immersive VR-based representations of the company’s recycling facilities for customers and prospects.

This gives CP a clear competitive edge: “The combination of all of our SOLIDWORKS visualization solutions really helps to set us apart,” Kerns notes.

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