3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2020: Innovate with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Read the general session recap, then watch the full presentation.


SOLIDWORKS CEO Gian Paolo Bassi took the stage on day two of #3DXW20 to introduce arguably the most important session at this year’s event: Innovate with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This R&D session is especially critical for getting familiar with the capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and understanding how entire organizations can leverage 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS today.

Florence Hu-Aubigny, Dassault Systèmes Executive Vice President, Research and Development, opened the session by discussing the five worlds connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as related to a system of operations and how each will ignite your passion for innovation including:

  •         3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative Innovation is a full SaaS offering used to foster innovation in all domains. Think of it as the foundation of your platform experience.
  •         3DEXPERIENCE WORKS empowers you throughout the value stream, from sales and marketing and design and engineering to simulation and analysis and, finally, the manufacturing domain is covered from machining to manufacturing execution.
  •         3DEXPERIENCE INDUSTRY provides you with Industry Solution Experiences that address challenges and create opportunities for your customers. Industry Process Experiences helps you optimize the performance of people within your organization.
  •         3DEXPERIENCE Healthcare & Life Sciences is dedicated to helping organizations in this segment thrive in a challenging and regulatory-filled industry.
  •         3DEXPERIENCE EDU focuses on the workforce of the future and preparing future generations of creators to innovate in a sustainable way.

Next Manish Kumar, SOLIDWORKS R&D Vice President, and Aaron Kelly, SOLIDWORKS R&D Portfolio Management Senior Director, demonstrated how 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS connects entire organizations. During this discussion, Manish and Aaron were joined by Delphine Genouvrier, SIMULIA R&D Portfolio Management Director, and Mike Buchli, SOLIDWORKS R&D Portfolio Management Director, who covered simulation and manufacturing respectively.

This discussion, starting at 43:20, clearly demonstrates how 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS provides roles for specific job functions then connects all teams under one platform. In this case you’ll see how industrial designers, mechanical designers, electrical designers, analysts, mold designers, as well as those in manufacturing, marketing and project management unite to bring a product to market.


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is also a business model. Florence returned to the stage and addressed the five categories of Experiences empowering the platform as a business model including:

  •         The Ideation Experiences connect people and data to foster innovation within a team, a department or a company.
  •         The Business Experiences empower users in financial, legal, marketing & human resources departments.
  •         The Data Science experiences share intelligence from data patrimony, enterprise and web data across the organization.
  •         The Trading Experiences allow everyone in the company to leverage a qualified ecosystem of industrial actors.
  •         The Relation Experiences enable value creation by connecting people in a continuous and seamless way.

Next Nicolas Cerisier, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform R&D Vice President, Hubert Masson, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform R&D Senior Director and Vincent Frerebeau, Global Online Sales Director joined Florence onstage.

The discussion, starting at 1:12:00, explores in detail the five Experience categories and how your business can take advantage of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as a business model.

To close the session, Injy Gadalla, Dassault Systèmes Partner Development and Solutions Consultant Manager, lead a customer discussion featuring:

  •         Mikael Kajbring, Awake Boards
  •         Mustafa Tulu, Enis Caldir, WatchX
  •         Chetan Keny, Rize
  •         Brad Thompson, Impact Props

One thing all these customers have in common: they are SOLIDWORKS users who have successfully adopted 3DEXPERIENCE solutions. Watch the discussion at 1:37:50.

That’s your 3DEXPERIENCE platform deep dive. Missed anything? You can always watch again. Ready to try it for yourself? Click the banner to sign up for your seven-day trial.


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