Saving Time and Money Right Out of the Box with SOLIDWORKS

Machitech Automation is a leading manufacturer of industrial CNC plasma machines that efficiently cut sheet metal, metal plates, straps, bolts, and pipes into specified precise parts that are used in large construction projects—including bridges, sports stadiums, and airports—or in smaller products, such as of kitchen range hoods or name plates for office doors.

Customers literally become partners in “the Machitech experience,” one in which they they play an integral role in the product development process. Each plasma machine is a customized solution that is optimized exclusively for their business’ production processes, thereby creating a machine that is geared to save time and money right out of the box.

3D CAD is Essential to Building Machinery

“SOLIDWORKS was a big game changer for Machitech,” says President Christian Giguere. “We absolutely need SOLIDWORKS because it enables us to customize each machine. With the Machitech experience, each custom table becomes the best solution for the customer.”

Because SOLIDWORKS provides access to all the design information on all components of the system being produced, it enables Machitech to provide superior, customized customer service. For example, if a customer needs to fix their machine, it’s easy and quick to send a file with all the detailed fabrication and drawing information so the customer can cut it themselves.

Machitech relies on SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software to identify interferences, which is critical for complex assemblies such as plasma machines. They also rely on SOLIDWORKS for motion and stress analysis capabilities. Engineering Manager Jean Francois Giguere says, “SOLIDWORKS enables us to quickly test different concepts for viability and to improve concepts.”

Incredible Time Savings

“SOLIDWORKS’ support, training, and service are a big part of our success. Just as we deliver superior service, our local SOLIDWORKS distributor has helped us develop some parametric tools. With SOLIDWORKS, we reduced an engineering job from three weeks to three days,” says Christian Giguere.

With SOLIDWORKS, preliminary layouts for a customer can be done in five minutes. Then, with more finely tuned dimensions, a customer can get a good idea of the machine Machitech can deliver. No longer does a customer wait weeks for a layout to ensure the machine will fit in their shop. SOLIDWORKS enables quick delivery at each step of the process, which customers appreciate.

Christian Giguere concludes, “Moving forward, SOLIDWORKS will allow us to go to another level of development, of innovation, with all the features integrated in the powerful software that allows our team to push the limits of engineering.”



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