SOLIDWORKS Education: Beyond the Classroom – How Three Engineers Inspired Students in Bosnia

Hi my name is Adi Pandzic and I am co-founder of GCPdesign, a team of three young mechanical engineers from Sarajevo, Bosnia, that has trained over 1,500 students in engineering, product design and 3D printing.

CGPdesign’s journey began in 2014 when I and my colleagues Vahid Avic and Adis Muminovic embarked on a mission to inspire students to create their own products and startups by offering them free education and training in SOLIDWORKS. At this time, very few people in Bosnia had these technical skills and opportunities to learn them were scarce.

After teaching the first 100 students, we knew we were on to something and wanted to harness the talent we found by challenging them a little more. We selected six talented students to work with our team on the PINKI Sportbike project where the goal was to create a completed design of a working sports bike in SOLIDWORKS without any drawings.

After a year and a half and several hundred hours spent tinkering the various tools in SOLIDWORKS, we completed our design, much to our satisfaction. The final sports bike design comprised of over 2500 different parts and our project received unprecedented interest throughout Bosnia. We went on to win the Grabcad Golden Gear Award 2015 and I am proud to share that all students were hired for jobs in the field of 3D design and reverse engineering with one of them even forming his own startup.

In this innovative way GCPdesign popularized SOLIDWORKS CAD Design and later 3D Printing in Bosnia. Our team was featured on the top 40 engineers/designers list on and many popular companies invited us to work on projects for them, including 3DS Simulia, nVidia, AMD, Intel, HP, EpicGames, Altair and Creo. However this was just the beginning, we now wanted to turn our focus to fostering innovation.

GCPdesign went on to launch the “Ideas Into Reality” campaign where we encourages students to come up with innovative technological ideas and helped them with the technical skills required to turn them into a tangible product!

Our new project entailed teaching students how to use SOLIDWORKS, 3D printing and IoT in 60 days with the goal of creating fully functional robotic hands. This project culminated into two teams of students building 2 amazing robotic hands. One of the teams later went on to become HASSone, a robotics startup in Bosnia.

Today GCPDesign is working on several new products like the Trace Brace – a smart bracelet for the prevention of on women and children and there will be many more to come in the future as the interest in product design and 3D Printing is always growing in Bosnia!

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