Furniture Accessory Manufacturer Shortens Time to Market by 30 Percent with SOLIDWORKS


The race to market spans across most industries including furniture accessory manufacturers. Product development processes must be continually improved and the machinery used to produce those products optimized to beat the competition to market.

SAMET was an early adopter of 3D CAD in 1998, when the company replaced the Vector Graphics® 2D design software that it had used with the SOLIDWORKS® 3D mechanical design system.

“As our new product development and R&D effort has grown, so has our need for other integrated capabilities,” notes R&D Machine Design/Production Manager Beytullah Kiran. “SOLIDWORKS design software is easy to learn and use, so we decided to standardize on SOLIDWORKS solutions.”

Faster Concepts, Fewer Prototypes

“With SOLIDWORKS, we not only can assess the viability of a new concept faster but we also can develop the product and associated documentation in less time,” says Kiran. “We develop three to five new products, 120 to 150 new mold and die designs, and 50 custom application machines every year.” SAMET has reduced the number of prototypes by 50 to 60 percent using the SOLIDWORKS product development system.

The company has grown dramatically since its inception in Istanbul in 1973, and now manufactures more than 3,000 furniture accessories and components and has more than 500 distribution centers across Turkey, and also exports to more than 100 countries.

Time-Savings Abound

SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) Professional was also implemented and has helped SAMET achieve important productivity gains, resulting in a 30 percent improvement in product time to market. The SOLIDWORKS design environment also enables SAMET to communicate and collaborate more effectively with customers and colleagues in 3D.

SOLIDWORKS Composer has enabled SAMET to repurpose 3D CAD data to create high-quality, dynamic illustrations for technical documentation. The documentation group, which develops user manuals, catalogs, and product documentation, can produce these items in 40 percent less time by using integrated SOLIDWORKS Composer software, according to Kiran.

Integrated Solutions

SAMET leveraged SOLIDWORKS mechanical design, electrical design, analysis, PDM, and technical communication software—as well as the subscription services that maximize the value of these solutions—to shorten time to market and support the continuing growth of the company’s furniture components and accessories business.

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