When you share a CAD Model, You Share a Vision

As a Process Engineer, you understand the importance of open communication when it comes to product design and manufacturing. Better communication leads to more collaboration amongst all of the stakeholders, but when stakeholders are in remote locations and or don’t have access to the same CAD applications, efficient collaboration becomes a major challenge.

Everyone should be encouraged to participate in the collaboration process to help build a shared vision.

SOLIDWORKS Professional makes it easy to build a unified vision. That’s because it is an integrated design-to-manufacturing system that serves all stages of the product development process, uniting all disciplines and departments through a single application. Designers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, CNC programmers and others can all work from the same 3D CAD model, at any stage in its development, with the feedback from each party assimilated into the model in real time.

eDrawings Professional is a tool within SOLIDWORKS Professional that enables collaboration by making file viewing and publishing capabilities, collaboration and knowledge sharing effortless. eDrawings makes it possible to share 3D CAD models and information with other stakeholders anywhere and anytime—even if they’re not using SOLIDWORKS. And the sharing works both ways: recipients can also mark up and measure the models in eDrawings to quickly and accurately communicate changes.

With eDrawings, your team can:

  • Accelerate the design process and get past the “fuzzy front end” by sharing 3D designs in a lightweight file that can be attached to an e-mail
  • Easily share a wide variety of file formats, including SOLIDWORKS, DWG™/DXF™, 3DXML, Creo Pro/ENGINEER®, STL, or eDrawings files
  • Share animations of SOLIDWORKS models
  • View and share simulation results
  • Zoom, pan, rotate, section, and virtually disassemble designs
  • Collaborate with mobile and non-CAD users through the eDrawings for iOS mobile app
  • Safeguard intellectual property with password protection

Whether reviewing a new concept, discussing a design change, evaluating alternative designs, or getting an approval, eDrawings makes the process more efficient. It also virtually eliminates miscommunication and misunderstandings because what you design is what they see—clearly and unmistakably. That reduces mistakes, increases efficiency, and ultimately improves your products. Benefits like these add up to smoother, more productive and more efficient interactions between all members of the product development process.

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