Upgrading to SOLIDWORKS Professional: Your Shortcut To Streamlined Workflows and Optimized Productivity

No matter where your company is based, it most likely operates within a global marketplace. Today, manufacturing companies like yours face competition located all over the world and many of your rivals may be operating under far more advantageous conditions.

As a result, the ability to optimize the costs, speed, and quality of development are increasingly critical to continued success. SOLIDWORKS Professional is engineered to help you do precisely that by enabling all participants in the design-to-manufacturing process to work with shared data within a single common framework.

SOLIDWORKS Professional helps companies to work faster and smarter through:

Enhanced Productivity. An intuitive high-performance toolset helps users design, test, iterate, and validate concepts quickly—and move swiftly into production.

Improved Teamwork. Users across all stages of the development cycle can collaborate within a single integrated platform, with designs updated in real time as changes are made.

Accelerated Development. The unified SOLIDWORKS Professional platform means that no time is lost—and no errors are made—in translating data for use in external applications.

Reduced Errors. Comprehensive, reliable testing and simulation functions catch errors before prototyping, reducing costly re-work.

Improved Quality. Increased precision, expanded capabilities and thorough validation capabilities let you develop innovative, optimized designs that perform as designed in the real world.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard, included with SOLIDWORKS Professional when on subscription, lets you quickly and easily create photo-quality images.


Upgrading to SOLIDWORKS Professional can help streamline the process of transforming your brilliant ideas into material realities—the finished parts and products that you make, use and sell. As reported by satisfied clients, SOLIDWORKS Professional can enable up to a 90 percent reduction in product development cycle times, which means companies like yours can do what they do faster, better, more easily, and more cost-effectively than ever before. That translates into improved business performance and a clear competitive advantage.

Learn more about how SOLIDWORKS Professional can build your company’s competitive advantage. Visit this page.


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