How SOLIDWORKS Visualize Delivers the Goods for Bringme


Bespoke is in this season. In fact, this generation. Products and services tailored to the individual; companies that bend to the specific whims of their clients. Consumerism has been turned on its head, with the market now geared toward fulfilling the personal. The customer isn’t just right, they’re fully in charge, demanding every option available and having it delivered in an instant.

Think Uber and Amazon Prime. Satisfying individual desires at the touch of an app to near incalculable success. That’s just the current. What then of the near future? Bringme may be the answer.

What is Bringme?

Originally from Belgium, Bringme is a business with global ideas about an increasingly big problem: logistics. At the heart of a digitally-delivered market that promises swift, secure service, logistics is an industry expanding annually with increasing demand. More deliveries, higher expectation and a heavier workload that looks like it might tailspin out of control.

Bringme is approaching logistics with a simple, streamlined ethos. All it takes is the easy command of an intuitive app that takes care of all the delivery info. Details that are then processed instantly and delivered via courier courtesy of Bringme’s smartly designed mailbox. It’s a bit like having your own digitally-controlled post office.

What’s special about Bringme’s mailbox?

A smart, secure module of compartments, Bringme’s mailbox is a touchscreen-operated facility that connects to the company’s base of operations. It communicates intuitively between app, supplier and deliverer. Users – including companies, institutions and residences – just type in the details and let technology take over. No more signings. No dealing with several different couriers a day. It’s a one-stop wall of delivery that purifies the postal system.


How did SOLIDWORKS help Bringme?

Innovation requires realisation. Bringme’s team of innovators brought their design to life using SOLIDWORKS. Honing their creation in our 3D CAD suite gave the team a build advantage over practical prototypes. SOLIDWORKS provided real life physics, razor-sharp in its accuracy. Stress-testing and swift, on-demand alterations were a simple click away.

Bringme is all about making the product work for the personal. With SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD modelling, a bespoke product tailored precisely to the end-client is possible. With a few modifications in the design saved to the software, Bringme can tweak ready-made blueprints for rapid production.

Visualizing Bringme’s mailbox

SOLIDWORKS doesn’t stop there however. To aid customer choices visually and inform that final design, Bringme brought in SOLIDWORKS Visualization. It’s a toolkit that renders photorealistic images from designs and it’s been a crucial part of Bringme’s marketing and appeal. Personalisation is key to the company’s marketing strategy. Clients choosing their own size and type of storage box to suit specific requirements is how Bringme seek to satisfy a multitude of demands. Your box, how you want it, with the website offering total control over the final build. All achieved and realized using SOLIDWORKS’ lifelike visualizations. Customers have the opportunity to see exactly how the product will fit in to their workplace environment and the ability to shape it as need be.

What next for Bringme?

Currently serving over a quarter of a million people, Bringme is hoping to expand rapidly over the imminent future. With professional and personal lives becoming ever more complicated and busy, anything that can simplify the day via the digital age looks set for success. It looks very much like Bringme is about to deliver the goods.

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