PDM for All: SOLIDWORKS Electrical to PDM Connector

Different types of engineers typically work differently.  Though electrical engineers work in a totally different way than mechanical engineers, today’s complex design projects require tighter integration between the two disciplines.  As design is changing at a rapid pace, and products need to be developed quicker, disparate engineering teams MUST work closer together.

One of the largest challenges our customers face is that the ways in which these teams save their data is very different.  Electrical engineers maintain libraries of data and save out project work to shared drives.  Mechanical engineers typically use SOLIDWORKS PDM workflow to manage part files and track who works on or uses a file.  Every group has people who like to save locally.  How do we bring all this data together and manage it simultaneously?


We understand this issue and are excited to show a synchronized library solution to have Electrical and Mechanical Engineers working better together…in harmony.  Well, at least their files.

I have created this video to show how this works.

This really is a huge update that a lot of users have been looking forward to.  Here are some details:

  •         Easy synchronizing of Electrical libraries
  •         Choose the workflows that works for your company – flexibility
  •         PDM-managed Library revision control
  •         Allows everyone in design process to access more info and BOMs and library managed, giving  more insight into project status
  •         Broader access to a wider range of stakeholders in company – without needing a license of SOLIDWORKS
  •         Easier to manage all product elements in one workflow – get products to market much faster
  •         Additional options for PDM administrator or library manager to control access to manufacturing part library

This is just one step closer to getting engineering teams working better together to produce the next generation of Mechatronic products.

If you have questions about how this will help you, please reach out to your reseller.


Cliff Medling

Cliff Medling is a Senior Marketing Manager at SolidWorks and the host for the Born to Design Podcast.