Get Your Team Prepared for the Challenges to Come by Attending SOLIDWORKS World 2018

If there’s one lesson fans of science fiction have learned in the last month it’s that the past is gone (right Kylo?). In reality, however, the past is never gone. Surely 2017 was full of lessons learned and challenges hurdled. Unfortunately for us there are no end credits when we emerge victorious after completing a major project. There always seems to be another death star just over the horizon with new obstacles in our path. Fortunately, your design and engineering teams do not have to fight the good fight alone.

Attendees get hand-on with the latest tools in hundreds of technical sessions at SOLIDWORKS World.


From February 4-7, 2018, 5,000 SOLIDWORKS rebels will muster in Los Angeles, California with the main purpose of learning new capabilities to succeed in the wars to come. SOLIDWORKS World 2018 will be the biggest gathering of the SOLIDWORKS community of the year. Attendees will get hand-on with the latest tools in hundreds of technical sessions, experience cool products designed in SOLIDWORKS, and, probably the most important opportunity—to learn from face-to-face discussions with fellow battle-tested SOLIDWORKS users.

Hearing about SOLIDWORKS World from me is great and all, but it’s much more powerful to hear from the attendees whose professional development benefits from attending year in and year out. So let’s hear from previous year’s attendees why SOLIDWORKS World is well worth your time.

“Revive your design crew with an educational and fun event. After working to meet one deadline after another, it is time for a little R&R. What better way to give them a well-deserved rest from the daily grind then by sending them to SOLIDWORKS World; not only do they get out of the office but they get to talk with people from around the world that are in the same boat as they are. SOLIDWORKS World is also jam-packed with presentations and training events that will give your design team the knowledge and skills they need to be more productive and faster than ever before.”
– Kameron Smith

“The first time I attended SOLIDWORKS World, I was astounded by the magnitude of knowledge, experiences and help from everyone.  The presentations were excellent and I came out much more knowledgeable.  Since then I have gladly presented to help share my knowledge with users who are there to learn.”
– Cory Derico

“It’s nice to sit in front of a video and watch someone doing the modeling when you have a question but when you’re at SOLIDWORKS World and are sitting in a room full of other designers and engineers who have some of the same concerns, a whole new world is opened for you.”
– Steve Calvert

“When I attended my first SWW event, I was blown away by the welcoming of ‘1st timers.’ While it is great to see all the excitement, to learn new techniques and design strategies, and to make new contacts with others, the most memorable part was that at the SWW conference, SolidWorks, the corporation, becomes SOLIDWORKS, the people.”
– James Adkins

“Along with the amazing technical sessions given by your peers, you get the connections, friendships and bonds with other SOLIDWORKS users, which make the entire SOLIDWORKS Community feel like a special family.”
– Betty Baker

Reward your design team for a job well done by sending them to SOLIDWORKS World 2018. They’ll pay you back with new skills and knowledge to take on anything 2018 throws your way. A special 3 for the price of 2 deal is now available. Take advantage and transform your team into the most powerful CAD force in the galaxy.


Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

Senior Manager Brand Offer Marketing, Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS. Video game world champion and whisky advocate. I like turtles.