Tired of looking for that perfect Christmas tree – Topology Optimization is the alternative

From avoiding a trampling at a crowded big box store to enduring awkward conversations with your eggnog-fueled uncle and outlasting an impossibly long line for your kids to cry on Santa’s lap, surviving the holidays is no small feat. Don’t go patting yourself on the back just yet though – there’s still that task of finding the perfect Christmas tree, full and free of wildlife.

Of course everyone has an opinion on the perfect tree and such a discussion was had here in the US DS HQ, and in cases like this, it’s best to let a higher power do the decision making. Our own Hari Padmanabhan did just this by turning to Topology Optimization in SOLIDWORKS Simulation to create the perfect Christmas tree.

What is Topology Optimization? Well the new Topology Study in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional delivers minimum mas design solutions while letting you focus on innovation and validating the design function. Based on real-life loads and fixtures together with the desired goals, constraints, and even manufacturing considerations, the Topology Study provides results to guide your decisions on component form, regardless of the manufacturing process you choose.

During a quick coffee break, Hari let the software do the heavy lifting – leaving plenty of time for ginger bread houses, caroling, and pretending to enjoy fruit cake. The best part is, this virtual tree requires no care and there’s no need to worry about junior knocking it over while attempting to reach the top. Check out the video to see Hari’s work and enjoy your holiday!


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