SOLIDWORKS World 2018 Top Ten List Now Open for Submissions

Attention all SOLIDWORKS users!

The SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten List is now open for idea submissions and discussion. For those of you who are new to the SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten List, it is an opportunity to submit your ideas for enhancements to SOLIDWORKS. Once ideas are submitted, you will be given the opportunity to vote for your favorite ideas. All ideas are considered by SOLIDWORKS development and the Top Ten ideas will be presented at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 in Los Angeles, February 4-7.

Submitted ideas can be viewed by visiting the SOLIDWORKS World 2018 Top Ten List area of the discussion forum. Click on “Content” just under the Top Ten List banner. You can also click on the categories on the side to sort by specific areas of SOLIDWORKS (Assemblies, Drawings, Simulation, etc.).

This year we’ve added a new feature on the forum, enabling everyone to specify how they would prefer we allocate SOLIDWORKS R&D resources amongst the following:

  • Increase Reliability (Focus on Reducing Crashes and Improving Stability)
  • Improve Functionality (Improve Existing Functionality & Implement Enhancements)
  • Faster Performance (Make SOLIDWORKS run Faster)

Use the sliders to change the percentages between them. You can provide more specific feedback using the comment box on the Top Ten page itself. You must save your vote for this section before being able to create new ideas, comment on existing ideas, etc., but you can update your resource allocation ratings anytime you visit this site.

When submitting an idea to the forum, please be sure to assign it within the proper category so that when voting opens other users can easily find ideas according to their area of interest. Prior to submitting an idea, please review the ideas already posted to make sure that there are no duplicates.

As always, we encourage friendly and professional comments and discussions to all ideas that may help clarify or better communicate other uses and needs. This potentially assists others when voting and helps us better understand everyone’s needs and ideas too. Submit your enhancement ideas by January 5, 2018.

Whether or not you’re attending SOLIDWORKS World 2018 in Los Angeles, we look forward to seeing your ideas. You also just may see your idea implemented in a future release of SOLIDWORKS!

For a brief overview of the Top Ten List forum and the idea submission process, please see this video:

Important dates:
January 5, 2018: deadline for new idea submissions
January 6, 2018: voting on all ideas begins
January 31, 2018: voting ends

Don’t miss the biggest gathering of SOLIDWORKS users in the world, SOLIDWORKS World 2018 in Los Angeles, February 4-7, 2018. Register today here. If you have already registered, the official SOLIDWORKS World agenda is now online and scheduling for breakout sessions is now available for full conference registrants here.

Matt Lorono

Matt Lorono

Product Definition Manager at SolidWorks Dassault Systemes
Applying two decades of engineering field experience to improve and create new SOLIDWORKS products
Matt Lorono