How SOLIDWORKS Sell Can Help Improve Your Sales

SOLIDWORKS is such a great product used by companies worldwide to design almost anything, from a piece of furniture to eyewear, jewelry or refrigerators, but why stop there? Once the product has been designed, the company, or brand owner, wants to improve its sales by offering the right mix of product variations. In many cases, the variations of the product may have different level of attractiveness for different end customers who may also want to have some personalization of their product.

Enter SOLIDWORKS Sell. SOLIDWORKS Sell puts a simple online tool in the hands of end customers that enables them to create their preferred variation of the original design and have it manufactured for them. This not only provides users with a unique customer experience, but also enables the brand owner to improve revenue and cut down on inventory costs: two plump birds with a single stone. SOLIDWORKS Sell extends to marketing and sales the same high quality and productivity that SOLIDWORKS brought to design.

So, if consumers can play with variations of a product, there is also a chance that the image of the brand could be tarnished or impaired by inappropriate, or even crazy-like, variations of the original brand product. SOLIDWORKS Sell provides the brand owner with the tools, which, behind the scene, allows it to define the range of variations and dependencies that can be created by the end-user: intelligent brand equity safety belts.

Whether the brand owner manufactures in-house or outsources, the manufacturing process is not directly impacted by this variation-driven approach: manual or automated assembly, 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC are among the processes that can be used. Whether it is for internal meetings, focus groups, online testers or real customers, it is a powerful new tool for a brand owner to consider.

Get more information on how SOLIDWORKS Sell can help you increase sales, cut down on inventory costs and deliver an unforgetable user experience for your customers by checking out its product page.


Cliff Medling

Cliff Medling is a Senior Marketing Manager at SolidWorks and the host for the Born to Design Podcast.