LED iBond is Here to Brighten Your Future

The internal combustion engine.

The jet engine.

The toasted sandwich maker.

Three of history’s greatest inventions. To that list, you can add Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb. Electric lighting paved the way for cheaper illumination, which has eventually developed beyond the energy-inefficient and cumbersome filament style bulbs to modern LEDs. Brighter, more efficient and far sleeker, LED lighting is the streamlined alternative to the unwieldy light bulb of yore. And LED iBond take LED lighting to its most futuristic.

LED iBond is here to brighten your future Light
Who is LED iBond?

Danish lighting company LED iBond has a simple USP: wringing every last strain of light from minimal space. With patented technology it’s spatially economic lighting is used in business and public areas, small and large. From shelf lighting to harbor bridges, it’s ultra-thin lighting brightens whatever project it’s briefed on.

Less is more: how SOLIDWORKS has helped LED iBond

As dedicated to saving seconds as it is space, LED iBond credit SOLIDWORKS with slashing both design and manufacture time. But how? Well with its calculations and blueprints loaded on to SOLIDWORKS, the team has been able to make decisions on materials far more swiftly than it was previously able. Of course navigating its fledgling products in 3D means the design team can exploit every millimeter of space available – championing minimalist style to maximum advantage.

LED iBond is here to brighten your future Light 2

Throwing the spotlight on new products

LED iBond has also incorporated SOLIDWORKS Composer into the design and marketing process of its business. Think of Composer as a visual communication tool that translates SOLIDWORKS CAD data into high-resolution photorealistic product images, with full 3D and zooms flexibility. That means the LED iBond team can share detailed images of its designs to both clients and manufacturers. In a nutshell: clients can see what they are getting; manufacturers can see how it’s built.

A no-brainer for new hires and subcontractors

SOLIDWORKS was a natural choice for LED iBond. Thanks to the software program’s popularity in the design field, new graduate engineers often come equipped with SOLIDWORKS knowledge having used it as part of their education and engineering training. In fact using SOLIDWORKS often means new hires can make a seamless transition from university and hit the ground running in their new job. SOLIDWORKS’ ubiquity also means LED iBond can share designs far more effectively with manufacturing subcontractors. This drastically reduces the likelihood of mistakes at the manufacturing end, saving time and money.

A bright future for LED iBond

LED iBond continue to invent and develop revolutionary ultra-efficient lighting.  We’re happy to be shining a light of our own on its design process.


LED iBOND 3DS Version from Martin J Pickering on Vimeo.

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