Engineering the Perfect Pint from Farm to Glass

For those who love beer, there’s not much in this world more enjoyable than cracking open a refreshing can of your favorite beverage on a warm day. The simplest joys in life are often the most satisfying.

While enjoying beer is easy, the journey that transforms hops, barley and water into the product you purchase at the store can be complex. It’s easy to forget, especially when you’re focused on savoring your drink of choice, that a lot of work goes into your favorite beer as it travels from the farm to your glass.

Although brewing itself hasn’t changed much over the centuries, technological advancements are responsible for streamlining the brewing process, making it more uniform and allowing beer lovers everywhere to sample everything from hometown craft brews to international favorites from around the world. It’s a great time to be alive.

Chances are you don’t think about it every time you open a bottle, but engineering and design play an immensely important role in the beer paradise in which we currently reside. For that reason, we wanted to highlight the contributions made to the brewing process that may not always be top of mind. Beer’s journey to your glass has many steps. From farming to brewing and packaging to transportation, SOLIDWORKS users are making major contributions to the brewing booms.

I invite you to grab your favorite beer and join us as we follow the brewing process from Farm to Glass. You’ll see interesting companies engineering amazing products across agriculture, industrial equipment, transportation, and consumer goods. It’s the brewing circle of life, and in addition to delivering us with delicious beer; these businesses have another commonalities: they bring their ideas to life with SOLIDWORKS.

Visit the SOLIDWORKS Farm to Glass website to explore how engineering and design software are making the modern brewing process possible. Through demo videos, white papers, feature articles, and customer testimonials, you’ll experience how great companies and SOLIDWORKS users are creating groundbreaking products – and in some cases, changing the way we enjoy our beverage of choice.

Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

Senior Manager Brand Offer Marketing, Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS. Video game world champion and whisky advocate. I like turtles.