Schooled in SOLIDWORKS: Mattias Robertsson Reveals Tips to Slash Manufacturing Costs

Level-up your SOLIDWORKS skills as our inside experts reveal features you never knew existed. In this month’s webinar, find out how you can use SOLIDWORKS Simulation to slash manufacturing costs by testing your product without creating expensive prototypes.   


The best way to learn is to do. The second best? Pluck advice from people who are aces in their field. To help you do just that, SOLIDWORKS is holding a series of webinars hosted by the crème de la crème in our company. It’s your chance to hear from the people who know SOLIDWORKS products like the back of their hand…the next best thing to being in a room with them.

Each month an expert member of our team will share tips on how to get the most from SOLIDWORKS. You will learn to use our product not just as a design tool, but as a means to ease business challenges and ignite rapid progress towards your strategic goals. Sit back and power-up your knowledge of the world’s most advanced 3D design software. Submit your questions at the end.

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This month we talk to Mattias Robertsson, SOLIDWORKS Technical Manager for Northern Europe.

Here’s a Q&A to introduce his webinar…

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1. Please introduce yourself…

Hello, my name is Mattias Robertsson. I started my career as a mechanical engineer and joined SOLIDWORKS in 1996 as a reseller. Today I am a Technical Manager in Northern Europe – based in Sweden – and support resellers on all of our products in the Nordic area.

2. What is your webinar about, who is it for and why should I attend?

This webinar is for anybody that has an interest or is curious about SOLIDWORKS’ powerful Simulation tool. The seminar will focus on design optimisation and I’ll be introducing some of the lesser known Simulation tools and how to use them. If you are interested in reducing design time and manufacturing cost, be sure to register.

3. What quick advice would you give to anyone uncertain about using SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

Despite being an incredibly powerful tool, it’s phenomenally easy to use. In fact, it’s like switching from doing sums by hand to using a calculator. Why would anyone go back?

4. What’s your favourite feature of SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

ISO section view – no doubt about it.

5. What makes ISO section view so good?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation is all about reducing manufacturing costs by allowing users to test how a product will behave in the real world. You can test strength, heat resistance, load-bearing potential and much more. ISO section view provides a clear understanding of where energy is absorbed in the material, meaning there’s no need to add to production costs by building prototypes.

6. How do you think customers have benefitted from using SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

Customers can make design decisions based on the results they find in SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Customers don’t need to build expensive prototypes thanks to the testing they can do directly in their 3D model, and then they can simply make the design tweaks needed. Ultimately, it saves them time and money.

7. When does your webinar take place?

8:30 AM-9:00 AM GMT on Wednesday, April 26th. Can’t make it? No biggie! Register your interest anyway and you’ll be notified when the video of the webinar is available to stream.

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