Brewing with Electricity: The SOLIDWORKS Brewery

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post letting you all in on my fascination with brewing beer – in particular, with the entire brewing process. So in an attempt to publicize my passion for brewing, there were a lot of folks who took advantage of watching one of my two webinars I presented using the digital version of an electric home brewing system. If you missed it, you can watch it right here.

I’ll admit it, creating this assembly was actually a lot of fun – the electrical cabinet with all its components, the insane amount of detail in the kettles, and even building the wort chiller with SOLIDWORKS features such as the helix command (which I never thought – as an electrical guy – I would have needed THAT awesome feature.)

But even after creating the home brewing project, and conducting a couple webinars, I felt like there was still SO much more I could do with the assembly. Maybe I’m being selfish, but I’ve put a lot of work into this project and I didn’t want to see the assembly simply get put on the shelf once our webinars were complete.

It just so happens, that one of my teammates here at SOLIDWORKS actually has very similar brewing equipment to what I built in my digital assembly. So after months of prep work, planning, and coordination, a small team of beer enthusiasts here at SOLIDWORKS, helped me with what has been dubbed as the first ever “SOLIDWORKS Brew Day.”  Over the course of the brew day, we filmed the entire process – trying to capture every single step that was needed in order to create our beer. But of course, simply spending the entire day brewing beer would raise some questions (and some eyebrows). For example, “How does brewing beer, relate to SOLIDWORKS?”

So for each major step in the brewing process, we’ve created detailed videos that encompass how SOLIDWORKS Electrical can relate to our brewing system, but ultimately help when designing components and equipment. Additionally, these videos are not only related to brewing equipment, but ANY equipment that has circuitry incorporated within it. With that, I am thrilled to share with you our introductory video on “Brewing with Electricity.”


To take our designs a step further, we’re also producing even more detailed videos that relate to specific features and functions within SOLIDWORKS Electrical and we will be posting those videos on

I am extremely excited about this interactive project we’re creating and we hope you will be too. So keep an eye out and your taste buds ready for more information about this awesome brewing adventure with The SOLIDWORKS Brewery.

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JP Emanuele

JP Emanuele

JP is a Territory Technical Manager, SOLIDWORKS Electrical, North America.