SOLIDWORKS World Japan 2016 Event Preview

If you’re passionate about 3D CAD, product development and engineering, chances are you’ve been to SOLIDWORKS World. Part user event, part design revival, this annual event is an electric experience from the moment attendees rush to grab front row seats to the what’s new preview skit and everything in between (such as the highly anticipated special Tuesday night event). Even if you’ve been to every SOLIDWORKS World going back to Palm Springs in ’99, you might not know that a sister event takes place each year in Japan. This year, we’re taking you to SOLIDWORKS World Japan (SWWJ)…virtually at least.

Similar to the annual event in the United States, SWWJ is a gathering of passionate SOLIDWORKS users interested in learning the latest tips, tricks and strategies for bringing their ideas to life. Attendees will hear from local SOLIDWORKS experts as well as fellow users as they share their experiences and product breakthroughs in industries ranging from industrial equipment, high tech and life sciences. Featured SOLIDWORKS speakers include SOLIDWORKS Japan President Seiji and Brand UX leader and Product Portfolio Management Senior Director Kishore Boyalakuntla.

Whether it’s brewing automation, robot spiders or lunar landers, user stories are always a highlight of any SOLIDWORKS World event. Those at SWWJ will experience the art-to-part story of Laundroid: the word’s first automatic folding machine. Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc. President and CEO Banne Shinichi will present the inside story behind Laundroid and share his company’s innovation strategy. Here’s the Laundroid in action – clearly it would be a great help folding t-shirts at SOLIDWORKS World 2017!


As for learning and networking, SWWJ includes four learning tracks, special events for the SOLIDWORKS Japan User Group Network, a gathering of CSWPs and hands-on technical sessions. There’s also an exhibition featuring the latest technology, solutions and partner products as well as an area where users can get hands on with the latest tools SOLIDWORKS has to offer.

SWWJ kicks off next week on Tuesday, November 8 in Tokyo. Much like the Super Rock ’84 hair metal festival that rocked the nation three decades ago, SWWJ is a multi-city event. Day two takes the show across the country to Osaka on November 11. Be sure to follow this blog as well as SOLIDWORKS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for ongoing coverage of the events.

Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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