SW17 Perspectives: Scott Lidgey


How do you find out what’s new in SOLIDWORKS? We all enjoy a good cup of coffee and 30 minutes with the What’s New documentation, but at the end of the day, our best bet is to head over to our reseller launch event and spend a day with their technical support team learning all about the latest release. SOLIDWORKS Application Engineers are an invaluable part of the What’s New process every year. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be talking with a few of them to learn more about what rollout season looks like from their eyes and getting as excited as they are about the new possibilities!

scott lidgey

Scott Lidgey has 17 years of experience in “inspiring 3D technology solutions in countless design industries. SolidWorks 98 was the first time I was introduced the greatest CAD tool ever. Within the first hour of using it I was sold.”

Since joining a SOLIDWORKS reseller, Scott has presented so many rollout events, he’s lost count! But, he still gets excited for them partly because no two events are alike. “What is the same year after year is this; the smiles, head nods, cheers, and mind blown expressions when we show users something that in that moment just completely changed the way they are going to design and make better products in less time.”

Scott and his team are responsible for learning all the new enhancements that come with every rollout and putting together a presentation that will “wow our clients and get them as excited as we do when we first see how many new features and enhancements they can stuff into already amazing software.”

We asked Scott what the most memorable technical support experience he has had where a new feature made the day, to which he responded; “It’s so gratifying when you show what at first may have seemed like a small feature but it helps someone else to move a mountain. I remember the first time I ever showed weldments to a client (really dating myself…) the engineer’s mouth dropped. After a moment of silence, he was excitingly asking me to ‘do it again… Do it again!’ Then the engineer tore out of the room and grabbed someone else and then they ask for you to ‘do it again… Do it again!’ It’s like you’re some sort of magician that just made the statue of liberty disappear.

For him, the most enjoyable part of being a SOLIDWORKS Application Engineer is the variety of it all; “the variety of industries SOLIDWORKS can help in and most of all, it’s the variety of people. Working with them to solve the challenges they face, and knowing we can solve those challenges because they invested in the right products and the right solution provider.”

As always, thanks for reading! Please be sure to register for and check out your local reseller rollout event this month! Happy learning!

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