SW17 Perspectives: Nadia Shea

How do you find out what’s new in SOLIDWORKS? We all enjoy a good cup of coffee and 30 minutes with the What’s New documentation, but at the end of the day, our best bet is to head over to our reseller launch event and spend a day with their technical support team learning all about the latest release. SOLIDWORKS Application Engineers are an invaluable part of the What’s New process every year. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be talking with a few of them to learn more about what rollout season looks like from their eyes and getting as excited as they are about the new possibilities!

Nadia Shea

Nadia Shea has been with her SOLIDWORKS reseller for 9 years; “I have a degree in Physics but used to weld for a living. Before that, I did many things including working support for online video game companies since 1998. Most would say that I have very little focus! My SOLIDWORKS career has ranged from teaching classes on all topics, co-writing a ScanTo3D presentation for SOLIDWORKS World, execute custom Composer projects, implement Workgroup, PDM Standard, and PDM pro vaults. I work technical support constantly to stay sharp on all products, from basic SOLIDWORKS modelling to sheet metal to Electrical/PCB to anything else!”

This will be Nadia’s 8th year presenting at rollout events! “Each year I do a technical presentation at multiple rollout events. Our territory is so large that it’s great fun to visit many of my customers in other cities. There’s always so much content each year that I get directly work with my fellow application experts so that is amazing as well.

One of her favorite parts about presenting at these events is the ability to meet her customer’s face-to-face instead of just speaking over the phone. “It’s lovely to have what I think are complete strangers come up to me to talk and it turns out I know them so well based on helping them before!” in addition to this, Nadia says that “If speaking in front of over a hundred people doesn’t get you excited,  I don’t know what will!”

We asked Nadia if there has ever been a technical support experience that made the day and she responded: “My favorite features are the small every day ones, such as changing units in the bottom right corner. I had so many customers run up to me to give me positive feedback and had huge smiles on their face. Feature freeze, Auto-rotate to normal, Auto scale first dim in first sketch… It’s the little things that can really make a user’s experience.”

What’s the best part of being an Elite SOLIDWORKS application engineer? “I do something different every day. I go from technical support, to training, to demos, to custom services, to PDM implementations, to whatever else a customer can dream of needed assistance with. Every day is a fresh challenge. I don’t just love my job at while I am at work, I find it really interesting outside of work too!  I follow websites, forums, my customers on various social media, my local HS’s robotics team. I’m never bored. I absolutely love helping people figure out a more efficient way of doing something or enlightening them to a solution they had no idea even existed!

As always, thanks for reading! Please be sure to register for and check out your local reseller rollout event this month! Happy learning!

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