SWUGN Group Leader Spotlight – Casey Gorman

Casey Gorman Central Florida SOLIDWORKS User Group – Melbourne, FL

Casey GormanThe benefits of attending a user group meeting are numerous. It is a place to network (something engineers are sometimes reluctant to do), learn new ways to use SOLIDWORKS, find out about add-in (or add on) products that can help in what you do. One of my favorite types of presentations is when we open the floor and have members of the group either share tips/tricks that they use on a daily basis or present what they are currently working on.” 

Casey Gorman is from an “unknown town with a well-publicized neighbor. It seems that few have heard of Titusville FL, but everyone has heard of the Kennedy Space Center.” While Casey does not work there, he is still works in the government/military sector at Sparton LLC. “A big part of my work is implementing Model Based Definition as the main mode of documenting sonobouy designs and changes. It has been an interesting challenge. There are so many incorrect perceptions of what MBD is. It is great being able to teach others what it really is and dispel the myths

He’s been a SOLIDWORKS user since the 90’s; it all started when working at a small company that needed Casey to work fast, efficient, and on a budget. “The VP of Engineering came to me and said ‘we to need find a better way to ensure our parts will fit together the first time that way we can spend less time in checking.’ That started me on a quest that landed me at a reseller receiving a demo of SOLIDWORKS. Interference Detection inBoat1 assemblies is what we were looking for. Having sheet metal capabilities also was a big plus. Within a few days of receiving a quote we were purchasing. I have been actively using it ever since.

Casey co-founded the Central Florida SWUG and has been running it for over 10 years now. “The Central Florida SWUG was brought to life based on a need for my co-founder, John Fox, and I to have interaction with other users. We were both single user seats of SOLIDWORKS and had no one to bounce ideas and modeling methods off of. The starting of the user group is how we met. We both contacted Richard Doyle about the same time regarding a user group in the area.”

“Being a part of a user group has taught me that there are many people that are willing to learn. They even use SOLIDWORKS in their personal time to advance themselves. Some of this is related to enjoying what they do, but I also think it is to help them advance in the career, thus being able to provide better for their family.”

What are some of Casey’s interests outside of SOLIDWORKS? “For years I was extremely passionate about sailing. I even taught Red Cross sailing for over 15 years. I have recent become active around the water again and glad that I have. Currently I own a 19’ Sear SPX bow rider (power boat). Motorcycle riding (cruiser/bagger) is something else that consumes a bit of my free time.” Basically, Casey enjoys having the wind in his face.Bike1

When asked what job he would be doing if he didn’t pursue engineering, he answered: “Hanging out near the water, in a marina or on a boat… Let’s just say my parents were happy when I went into engineering. At least it let me pay my way to hang out around the water. Really, I don’t think I ever considered a different career.

Lastly, when asked if he had any role models, Casey responded: “My idols in the industry would be Richard Doyle and Rachel York. I mean, how cool are their jobs? They get to interact with cool nerds and always attend SOLIDWORKS World. Joking aside, in their work they get to talk and visit with so many different users and see the unique products that get designed and produced. Who wouldn’t want to do this?”


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