Going Up: Elevator Manufacturer Takes Efficiency to New Heights

Whether you’re the type of person to take the elevator for a one-floor ride, or unfortunate enough to have to take it multiple floors, the convenience of an elevator is something we all take for granted. While it’s very easy to operate an elevator, designing one is very complicated.

Despite building more than 4,000 elevators each year for the last 25 years, OMEGA ELEVATOR was looking for ways to simplify its process. While elevator design will never be as easy as pushing a button, a move from 2D CAD to SOLIDWORKS elevated OMEGA’s design validation and production processes to the top floor.  Until recently, OMEGA used 2D design tools to produce these complex elevator systems, but the manufacturer decided to transition to 3D technology to accelerate and streamline elevator design, validation, and production processes.


After evaluating other 3D design packages, OMEGA standardized on SOLIDWORKS solutions, implementing SOLIDWORKS CAD, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional PDM, and SOLIDWORKS Composer technical communication software. The company chose SOLIDWORKS solutions because of their ease of use, power, and versatility. Since implementing the SOLIDWORKS 3D development platform, OMEGA now makes greater use of its design data, which accelerates processes, resulting in a 30 to 40 percent reduction in design cycles and much shorter time-to-market.


The transition to SOLIDWORKS development solutions is also having a positive impact on OMEGA’s bottom line. The company indicates that its development costs have dropped by approximately 30 percent, much of those reductions related to time savings.

Being able to reuse common parts from project to project—many of which use roughly 70 percent of the same components—allows for better resource utilization and greater throughput. Efficiency is key to maximizing profits. OMEGA has also virtually eliminated errors related to using the wrong revision and reduced design errors overall by an estimated 20 percent.


Perhaps more impressive is the fact that all of these improvements and adjustments that have increased the overall efficiency of OMEGA elevators happened in under a two-year span. Ready to ride the express car to the top? Learn how by reading more about OMEGA in this case study.

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