Automation Systems Developer Closes the Circuit Between Electrical and Mechanical Design

Sharing designs between departments can be a hassle that can result in a number of issues on which no one has time to fix or the money to lose. In the case of ProVantage Automation, it needed a system to do what companies dread most: find a collaborative bridge between electrical and mechanical designs.

Since its start in 2012, manufacturers across North America have relied on ProVantage Automation to design, produce, test, install, and support their automated manufacturing systems.  ProVantage has used SOLIDWORKS mechanical design software since the company’s inception to develop the mechanical aspects of its automation systems.


In ProVantage’s search to find a more efficient means of handling electrical design, the company decided to evaluate four electrical design packages. Through critical evaluations and tests, the deciding factor for ProVantage was the easy integration with SOLIDWORKS Electrical. General Manager Peter Graham added, “In the end, SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics software was the most efficient, required the lowest number of steps, and was most intuitive. We also liked the fact that it integrated with our existing SOLIDWORKS mechanical software.”


Not only has ProVantage found interdepartmental benefits, they have quadrupled business in just 18 months. How is that possible you ask? SOLIDWORKS Electrical allowed them to cut electrical design time by 75 percent while simultaneously improving the quality of electrical schematics, leading to greater accuracy during assembly. With all that extra time saved, ProVantage increased productivity by at least 30 percent and is paying dividends for the firm’s manufacturing partners.

Read the full case study to learn how ProVantage combined SOLIDWORKS Electrical to its existing SOLIDWORKS Mechanical system to ramp up both its productivity and growth.

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