SOLIDWORKS is Your Bridge Over the Consumer Product Design Gap

Consumer product developers often face challenges of moving designs from concept to detail design to manufacturing due to the disparate tools. SOLIDWORKS solutions bridge the gap between industrial design and engineering by providing powerful conceptual sketching tools, robust and easy-to-use surfacing capabilities, easy transition from concept to detail design, and the industry’s top mechanical engineering environment— all rolled into one software vendor solution.

Download this white paper and you will learn how SOLIDWORKS software provides a complete modeling and social environment for taking designs from concept to manufacturing.

In the White Paper you will learn that:

  • To create the best product, it is important to be able to rapidly develop multiple concept designs and gain feedback from your design stakeholders in a short amount of time. SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer adds new and unique conceptual design capabilities to the SOLIDWORKS portfolio, specifically for industrial designers.
  • The detail design process can start with a concept model directly from SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer into SOLIDWORKS Premium. Or you can start from a concept sketch, image, or set of requirements. SOLIDWORKS has simplified detail designing with easy-to-use tools that provide user guidance and assistance when needed.
  • The SOLIDWORKS solution provides all necessary tools to create a precise part definition with the same user interface and same geometrical file format used for conceptual design. For manufacturing and ongoing part maintenance, you can drive design changes by simply entering values in a table.
  • You can save time and eliminate errors during the purchasing process by using the 3D SOLIDWORKS assembly model to quickly create production-level 3D Model-Based Definition (MBD) or 2D drawings. Using SOLIDWORKS can also help you avoid costly mistakes by ensuring that changes made anywhere in the process automatically update all product documentation, including parts, assemblies, and drawings.
  •  At any stage of the design process, it is vital that you are able to create sales-ready images of your products to help describe the design to others and win business. Throughout the consumer design workflow, SOLIDWORKS provides rendering solutions to ensure you can create the product visualization at any given time.

To learn more about how your team can increase its creative output from design to manufacture, read the whitepaper “How SOLIDWORKS Speeds Consumer Product Design” (registration may be required).



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