6 Great Reasons to Study Engineering at University

You’re already thinking about it

Well, you’re here aren’t you? Fantastic! It means you already have an active interest in engineering. Building on something you hold a passion for is the perfect start to your higher education study. If you enjoy engineering, then using that positivity to your academic advantage is the first step to becoming seriously skilled. Also, if you’re already familiar with 3D CAD, then that’s a terrific head start. Taking that experience and ambition to the next level of learning is both logical and bold. If you’d like a first look at 3D CAD, check out our video.


Skilled Engineers can work in many fields
Skilled Engineers can work in many fields


Become legitimately skilled

You’ll know this but it bears repeating: engineering is the foundation on which the building blocks of knowledge are laid. It’s crucial to discovering how everything works and trouble-shooting problems. Studying the subject at university level will broaden your capacity for understanding and teach you how to apply your knowledge to solve complex design challenges. Even putting aside the enormous vocational benefits engineering brings, being able to shine a light on the facts of physics alone is worth the investment of time and effort.

Engineering is no shirker’s degree. But it’s immensely rewarding if you are keen of mind, ruthlessly analytical and as conscientious in your work as you are curious about the world.

Get a career, not just a job

The career potential for engineering graduates is as vast and varied as they come. Engineering serves a massive range of industries looking to recruit graduates, from agriculture to manufacturing to automotive to construction and so on. With an engineering degree you’re in great stead to pursue a profession, not just pay. And now we mention it, let’s talk money…

You can earn a great wage

A 2016 EngineeringUK report found that the starting pay for an engineering graduate is significantly higher than the average for the remaining other subjects. How much higher? Over £35,000 higher. Engineering is big business. It’s three times the size of the retail industry and its turnover accounts for almost a quarter of UK enterprise. The hard work that goes into getting your Bachelor of Science will likely be almost instantly rewarded.

Your country needs you!

There’s a reason that engineers are richly rewarded – this country needs them. At present rates of requirement, the UK workforce needs DOUBLE the amount of engineers currently graduating from UK universities. Hey, it’s nice to be wanted, no? So, if you fancy doing your bit for the UK’s standing on the world’s technology stage, you could do worse than enrolling for an engineering degree to help plug the gap in our country’s workforce. Yes, it’s a competitive industry. But with such significant demand for graduates, you should have greater choice in the roles on offer.
Great Britain has an internationally renowned engineering heritage. You could be part of its future.


Be part of the UK's engineering future
Be part of the UK’s engineering future



Engineers are respected, just ask the rest of the country. In 2002, a nationwide poll of Greatest Britons was held in which millions of votes were cast to find out which individuals best characterised the UK’s achievements and character. Top of the poll was Winston Churchill, but second place? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t Barry Chuckle. Britain chose the architect of the Industrial Revolution: Isambard Kingdom Brunel. His design breakthroughs and construction legacy has earned him resounding respect for his scientific skills and engineering tenacity.

Studying engineering at university can put you on the path to earning the same esteem. You just need to bring your passion, your diligence and, most probably, a pencil. Best of luck to you!


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