See a 3D Design Go from Art to Part Live in the Product Showcase

This year’s SOLIDWORKS World Product Showcase is lining up some amazing tech for you to play with. We’ve already covered cool gadgets and interactive products that will be on display come Sunday – including Axial Racing’s RC cars, Stern Pinball’s Game of Thrones machines, and augmented reality (AR) glasses from Osterhout Design Group. If you’re into manufacturing, a new opportunity to get hands on with awesome products has just opened up thanks to Haas Automation.

Haas Automation is one of the world’s largest and best CNC manufacturers. The company uses SOLIDWORKS to design its machines, including the Haas UMC-750SS – a versatile 5-axis universal machining center. The UMC-750SS will be inside the Product Showcase where you can see it make parts during SWW16.


For an even closer look at how to take a SOLIDWORKS model from design to machined part, we’re including a special session in this year’s SOLIDWORKS World agenda. Presented by Ernie Simmons, Applications Engineer, Hass Automation, this session starts with a basic SOLIDWORKS modelling of a 3D part that will be used in Mastercam to create tool paths. The tool paths will be used to machine a finished part LIVE on the Haas UMC-750SS featured in the Product Showcase.


The special session is scheduled for Monday, February 1st from 11:00 am to 11:45 am, but those attending please meet at the entrance of the Partner Pavilion at 10:45 am. It is important to note that you must register for this event in advance. Please click here to get started.



Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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