SWUGN Group Leader Spotlight – Dennis Miller

Since 1996, SOLIDWORKS User Groups have been a valuable resource for SOLIDWORKS users all over the world.  The SWUGN Committee and DS SOLIDWORKS provide ample support, but the real stars are the SOLIDWORKS User Group Leaders. Every week or so we’ll spotlight one of our group leaders and the local user group chapter that they are responsible for leading.

Dennis Miller – Susquehanna Valley SOLIDWORKS User Group


Most people know Dennis as a fairly quiet individual, but you can see from his answers below how much passion he has for his user group.  I’m really looking forward to visiting Dennis and the members of the Susquehanna Valley SOLIDWORKS User Group in 2016 as they turn 10 years old!

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Dennis Miller. I am the Design Department Manager for Graybill’s Tool and Die, Inc. in Manheim, Pennsylvania. We design and build custom machinery.

When did you first start learning/using SOLIDWORKS?

We started using SOLIDWORKS around 2001. Shortly thereafter I became a CSWP.

Tell us a little about your SOLIDWORKS User Group. Are you the founder of the group?

Yes and no. The group existed before I became involved, but had become inactive. I restarted the group using the same name. Our group’s name is the Susquehanna Valley SOLIDWORKS User Group. We meet quarterly, usually the 2nd Thursday of February, May, August, and November.  I assumed leadership of the group in early 2006.

What as the best meeting you’ve had?

Probably when the meeting was hosted by Sight and Sound Theater, located near us. They use SOLIDWORKS to design their sets. Their Show Engineering Director gave a presentation on how they use SOLIDWORKS in large set design and then backstage tours were given up close and personal to those sets. We had a large turnout for that meeting.

What have you learned personally from your UG?

That I struggle with the same issues using SOLIDWORKS that most other users do. I really enjoy seeing what other companies are doing with the software and how they utilize it to do their design work.

How many users are in the group?

I have a little over 100 in my contact database, but a typical meeting usually sees around 20-25 present.

Why should people attend a SOLIDWORKS User Group meeting?

Pizza! Because it is fun. Did I mention pizza? You can ask questions and see how other people use the software. Oh, and pizza. Can you tell I love pizza?

Anything else you’d like to add?

Running a User Group is not that hard. Getting people to come out to meetings is the most difficult. I would really like to see members be willing to present what they do with the software.

Thanks Dennis, we’ll see you in Dallas at SOLIDWORKS World 2016.



Richard Doyle
My official title is Senior User Advocacy & SolidWorks User Groups - but most people just call me "The User Group Guy". I've been a SolidWorks user since 1997, and was one of the founding members of the SWUGN Committee. Since starting the Central Texas SolidWorks User Group in 1999, my career path has led me to DS SolidWorks and a dream job supporting the SolidWorks User Group Network worldwide.
Richard Doyle
Richard Doyle