Learn What’s New for Structural Simulation in SOLIDWORKS 2016

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 delivers enhanced power performance and accuracy to our users while adhering to the SOLIDWORKS mantra of ease of use.  This year we have returned to the fundamental foundations of finite element analysis, the mesh. Put simply good mesh good results, but for solving efficiency you want the elements where you need them and not everywhere. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 features an alternate blended curvature-based mesher, which enables you to get a better quality mesh with less number of elements, so the computation time is reduced while the accuracy of the results is preserved.

A good mesh will put the elements in the regions of geometry change as they tend to be stress concentrators. The new mesh sectioning tool, allows you to view the mesh distribution through the model thickness, enabling you to check the quality of the internal mesh and make any adjustments to mesh settings required before running the study.

One of the more challenging aspects of carrying out any kind of analysis is setting the correct loads, constraints and contact conditions. The larger the bigger the headache, but there is no need to panic anymore! With SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 you can now detect unconstrained bodies automatically, making the investigation of contacts and boundary conditions of bodies a breeze. The new unconstrained bodies plot enables you to view animations of the model based on the active degrees of freedom, and identify bodies that are under constrained before you run a simulation.


Unconstrained Component Detected


The Component Movies Along the Unconstrained Direction


Those are few of the new capabilities that you can find in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016. Try these new capabilities today and go to the SOLIDWORKS 2016 launch website to learn more.


Nicolas Tillet

Nicolas Tillet

Product Portfolio Manager at DS SOLIDWORKS Corp.
Product Portfolio Manager for SOLIDWORKS Simulation
Nicolas Tillet
Nicolas Tillet