My SWW16 Agenda: How Not to Be Wrong with Ed Eaton


One of my favorite parts of SOLIDWORKS World each year is deciding on my objectives and choosing my sessions. And my backup sessions. And my backup backup sessions. This year, I thought I’d share with you some of the sessions I chose and why.

Today, I suggest you see the legendary Ed Eaton with How Not to Be Wrong – Essential Skills that Prevent and Catch Design Errors. A few years ago, I presented for the first time at SWW and I was extremely excited. I presented on a Tuesday morning, and I told every single person I spoke to on Monday to attend MY session. One of those people happened to be Ed Eaton in the Partner Pavilion. And guess what? He showed up. Side note: if you’re presenting, don’t be afraid to self promote. 🙂 After my session, Ed was kind enough to greet me and compliment my presentation style (if you don’t know this about me, I’m a bit of a gaming nerd, so most of my presentations are pretty laid-back and involve playing some sort of a game). At this particular moment in time, I happened to be hanging around with a few veteran user group leaders, and when Ed left us, they immediately looked at me and said, “DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT WAS!?!?” I was still new to the SWW scene, and at the time, I had no idea.

Heeding my friends advice, I waited patiently outside the door for Ed’s Make it Shell presentation. After attending Ed’s talk, troubleshooting shelling issues became something much less intimidating. Anticipating shelling issues became much easier to do. If you haven’t seen Ed present, his examples are wonderful and his teaching style is completely relatable. At one point in the presentation, Ed compared how SOLIDWORKS solves a shell to mowing his yard…and it was awesome. I’ll never forget how the shell tool thinks again.

My SWW16 Agenda: Make it Shell

I cannot wait to see what Ed has in store for us with his How Not to Be Wrong presentation on Tuesday afternoon from 4:30-6:00pm! You’ll find me somewhere near the front row! As John Matrishon put it, “Mr. Eaton – he always find a way to make me say ‘whaaaaatttttt!?'” Until then, you can check out Ed’s 2014 Make it Shell presentation over on the SOLIDWORKS World Proceedings Site.

Is there a session on the agenda you think everyone should see? Let me know which one and why and I’ll let everyone know! Email me at As always, thanks for reading! See you in Dallas!

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