Benefits of Beta Testing with Power User Bettina Walker

If you’re an active commercial SOLIDWORKS subscription services user, you can get your hands on SOLIDWORKS 2016 today. How? By becoming a SOLIDWORKS 2016 beta tester.


Being part of the beta program has its perks. You can test-drive the newest release, get limited-time access to existing products, even if you do not currently own them, connect with your peers, interact with SOLIDWORKS R&D and Product Management experts, and get a chance to win prizes in our beta contest.

Recently, I connected with one of our top beta testers, Bettina Walker, Centrale Services R&D: M-CAD at TRUMPF, to discuss the important role beta testing plays in her work.

A SOLIDWORKS user since 1996, Bettina is responsible for overseeing product quality at TRUMPF and has been part of the beta program for the past seven years. In each of those seven years, she’s dedicated approximately 200 hours every year  to ensuring the product meets requirements for TRUMPF and her company’s users.

“Participating in beta testing is the best way to see how the newest release performs,” Bettina said. “The program allows us to change and correct software at an earlier date. Without this testing, rolling out new software would be nearly impossible.”

Bettina’s favorite aspects of testing are seeing improved functions and finding new features that can improve processes at TRUMPF. The latter aspect is very powerful. Beta is not just testing for bugs; it’s about discovering functionality that benefits your daily workflow. Chances are a new favorite time-saver is waiting for you in the SOLIDWORKS 2016 beta test.

For Bettina, the beta program is an opportunity to provide feedback from an outsider’s perspective. There are occasions where updates need to be tested and seen from outside the box. Bettina, and users like you, are the only people who can provide neutral, third-party feedback so vital to making SOLIDWORKS 2016 a success. Whether you spend 2 or 200 hours testing, your participation makes for a better release. Click here to start creating a better SOLIDWORKS today!


Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

Senior Manager Brand Offer Marketing, Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS. Video game world champion and whisky advocate. I like turtles.