Where in the model tree am I? Breadcrumbs show the way.

For what seems like forever, the model tree (also called feature tree or history tree) has been used by SOLIDWORKS users as the main tool for understanding and making changes to a design. When designs are complex, the model tree can get long and can be difficult to navigate.

Over the years we (SOLIDWORKS) have tried to help by adding enhancements to common user interactions such as model tree scrolling and feature highlighting but with the introduction of SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE solutions we are raising the bar by introducing a unique interaction workflow called “breadcrumbs.”

Breadcrumbs, as the name suggests, is a tool that will show you the way home (or will show you other relevant information).  When you select any CAD geometry in a SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE solutions its ‘breadcrumb’ is displayed that shows the selected geometries relationship to either the part or assembly. Let’s take a look at a simple everyday workflow that is made easier with breadcrumbs: Editing a sketch of a particular feature.

If Hansel and Gretel had SOLIDWORKS Breadcrumbs then they wouldn’t just be able to find home, they would understand where they are and how all the possible routes relate to each other, whilst also being able to change each route on the fly… I’m not sure that the story would have been as good… Hansel and Gretel would have never come across the house made of sweets and defeated the witch, they would have simply got home in the most safe and efficient manner.

Justin Burton

Justin Burton

SOLIDWORKS Senior Product Portfolio Manager