SOLIDWORKS 2016 Beta is Now Live

Are you a customer with active commercial SOLIDWORKS subscription services? If so, we have a mission for you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: to use your power as a valued SOLIDWORKS user to impact the quality, performance and reliability of SOLIDWORKS solutions by joining the SOLIDWORKS 2016 Beta program. As an added bonus to your participation, you’ll be among the first to get a peek under the hood of SOLIDWORKS 2016.

The SOLIDWORKS Beta program enables you to interact directly with the SOLIDWORKS research and development team to influence the SOLIDWORKS 2016 production release. Accessing Beta testing will enable you to:

· Test-drive new features and greatly reduce the learning curve and training that’s typically needed for each new release
· Get limited-time access to new products and access to existing products, even if you don’t currently own them
· Improve the software by identifying issues that affect your day-to-day operations, and get those issues fixed before release
· Connect with the global SOLIDWORKS community and interact with SOLIDWORKS R&D and product management teams
· Enter into competitive, global contests for a chance to win prizes

Get started today by visiting the SOLIDWORKS Beta website or clicking the banner below. The Beta website is your go-to resource for access to the SOLIDWORKS 2016 Beta download, SOLIDWORKS Beta FAQ, forum, contest leaderboard and much more. Remember, you must have an active commercial SOLIDWORKS subscription to participate.



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