SOLIDWORKS Short: The next Engineering revolution includes automated Inspection

Using data and automation to streamline processes is central to Engineering 4.0. This next level of engineering technology takes CAD and extends its benefits downstream. Inspection automation is one great example demonstrating Engineering 4.0’s positive affect across teams and entire organizations, both inside and out.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a First Article Inspection (FAI) and in-process inspection software that streamlines and automates the creation of ballooned inspection drawings and inspection reports. How much will this streamline your inspection process? Customers have reduced the time needed to create inspection documentation by up to 90 percent. Read more about Engineering 4.0 Era (see more about Engineering 4.0 in this post), and watch the below videos.

View this SOLIDWORKS SHORT interview with Mathieu Fourcade (Product Manager for SOLIDWORKS Inspection) to learn more about how SOLIDWORKS Inspection can speed up your manufacturing delivery.

Also, in this next video, Mathieu discusses the impact that SOLIDWORKS Inspection can have to greatly reduce documentation processes within your organization.  Mathieu discusses re-using intellectual properties in your design data more efficiently to reduce documentation costs throughout your organization and supply chain.

To learn more about SOLIDWORKS Inspection, please visit the product page, or connect with Matthieu on LinkedIn (Mathieu Fourcade).



Cliff Medling

Cliff Medling is a Senior Marketing Manager at SolidWorks and the host for the Born to Design Podcast.