April’s Top Five Blog Posts

April’s blog posts had you covered on the new product development front. First, if you’re interested in medical device breakthroughs, see how Southmedic Inc. used SOLIDWORKS Simulation to bring a new oxygen device to life. Then, SOLIDWORKS expert, Peter Rucinski, shared the must-answer questions you need to consider when developing a new product. April also included a “Remove All Holes” modeling challenge blog post, a ride along with CEO Gian Paolo Bassi during a customer visit, and a feature with Obz Design, a non-profit firm working to tackle anemia in developing nations.

OxyArm: Engineering a Medical First with Simulation
Omar Zohni, Senior Territory Manager for SOLIDWORKS Simulation, discusses two design studies used to engineer Southmedic Inc.’s OxyArm breathing device, a first of its kind, no contact, oxygen delivery system. In this post, Zohni walks you through design studies conducted in SOLIDWORKS Simulation to ensure the product delivers the optimal amount of oxygen and functions properly during breathing cycles.

Two Must-Answer Questions When Developing a New Product
SOLIDWORKS Plastics expert, Peter Rucinski, explains why it’s extremely important to use engineering simulation tools to validate that your designs are manufacturable and fit for purpose. If your designs do not fit these criteria, you can potentially lose thousands of dollars and are most likely stuck with an expensive boat anchor.


Modeling Challenge – Remove All Holes
Jordan Tadic, SOLIDWORKS Territory Technical Manager and Certified Elite Application Engineer, puts you up to his design challenge in this blog post. The mission, should you choose to accept it: Discover the fastest way to remove all the holes from an imported model. This is a great opportunity to explore new solutions that you can add to your arsenal for future CAD projects.

Onsite User Visit: Reinventing the Prescription Lens
CEO Gian Paolo Bassi discusses his visit to the Adlens research and development facility in Oxford, UK. Adlens is an eyewear company responsible for taking the centuries-old static lens and developing it into an adjustable solution. In other words, your lenses can adjust on demand, or if you break a pair of prescription glasses, you can use Adlens as an immediate back up plan. It pays to be prepared.

Image credit: Adlens
Image credit: Adlens

OBZ – Design: Overcoming Design Roadblocks to Tackle Anemia
James Fox, CEO and Founder of OBZ Design, a non-profit organization focused on improving healthcare through revolutionary medical devices and data-based solutions, shares his experience creating a solution to solve anemia, which affects 2 billion people and causes 1 million deaths annually. In this post, Fox discusses how his team iterates with medical professionals in developing nations to design products that answer local requirements and conditions.


Stay tuned in May as we’ve got interesting posts coming down the pipe covering First Robotics, structural and fluid simulation, durability testing, and how to get involved in the next industrial revolution.





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